Blush Intimacy

Blush Intimacy

Blush Intimacy

Blush Intimacy

Le plaisir au cœur du bien-être féminin
Parce que la sexualité fait partie intégrante de notre bien-être général, découvrez Blush Intimacy, la marque qui aide les femmes à explorer leurs corps et à (re)conquérir leur plaisir. Un sextoy, Ona, créé par une femme pour les femmes… En savoir plus…

Why we like it :

  • A brand designed by a woman for women
  • His sextoy aspiro vibro in a clean and cool version
  • Her educational, no-holds-barred approach for women who have never tried it before
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To reclaim your body

Discover Blush Intimacy, the accessories brand that puts pleasure back at the heart of feminine well-being.

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Blush Intimacy, the brand that reinvents feminine pleasure

If there's one brand that makes overall well-being rhyme with sexuality, it's Blush Intimacy. Lucie Solal founded Blush Intimacy in 2022 after her two pregnancies, to offer an online concept store dedicated to sexual well-being, and invite women to reconnect with their own bodies, all with kindness. With its expertise and, above all, its taboo, Blush Intimacy reinvents feminine pleasure and accompanies women throughout their lives with its alternative vision of pleasure. Convinced that solitary pleasure is the best way to enhance enjoyment for two, the brand imagines effective accessories that transform our intimacy. Discover the story of Blush Intimacy.

Ona, the Vibrating Sextoy and Clitoral Stimulator from Blush Intimacy

The creation of the sextoy Ona sextoy by Blush Intimacy began during a drunken evening with friends. In the midst of their search for a sextoy, Lucie Solal and her friends quickly realized that the existing selection of products was too exhaustive, and that the websites on which vibrating toys could be found were anything but welcoming. To imagine her Ona Vibrating Clitoral Stimulator Blush Intimacy, Lucie Solal turned to her community. After a year of feedback from her customers, she finally set about designing and creating this sextoy, ideal for initiating solitary pleasure or spicing up one's sex life. Her aim? To reduce the pleasure gap between men and women. Because did you know? Women have 2 times fewer orgasms than men, so why not use a sextoy to increase sensations tenfold and discover what really makes us tick. With its pulsating air head, vibrating body and 9 speeds, this complete, easy-to-use sextoy promises a multitude of sensations.

Our opinion on Blush Intimacy

With this new selection dedicated to intimate and sexual well-being, we were keen to find brands that would appeal to us as much for their effective products as for their discourse. The 3 brands we selected weredesigned by women, for women, with a modern, sensitive and aesthetic approach, and a philosophy shared withOh My Cream. Blush Intimacy had no trouble winning over the hearts and bedside tables of the team with its sensational sex toy. Whether you're looking to (re)discover solo orgasm as your imagination takes you, or rediscover blissful sexuality at your own pace after the arrival of a baby or in the post-partum period, Ona is the ideal playmate. Discover our selection of fun products here.