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Blush Intimacy, accessories that put pleasure back at the heart of feminine well-being

Because sexuality is an integral part of our overall well-being, discover Blush Intimacy, the brand that helps bodies explore, discover and (re)conquer each other, and puts pleasure back at the heart of feminine well-being with these feminine accessories.

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Blush Intimacy, an alternative vision of pleasure

Blush Intimacy is the brand that intends to revolutionize your pleasure and your vision of intimacy. Founded by Lucie Solale in 2022, the brand is convinced that sexual well-being is the key to a happier, more fulfilled life. A well-being that involves pleasure, reclaiming your body, reconnecting with your senses and freeing yourself from complexes or prejudices to feel stronger.

With kindness, expertise and no taboos, Blush intimacy accompanies all women in its alternative vision of pleasure, with (truly) effective accessories that transform intimacy and help us discover, blossom and (re)conquer ourselves... For pleasure alone or with your partner of a night or a lifetime for a complete well-being that's not just sexual.

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Ona, the first sextoy from Blush Intimacy

After a year of unique feedback from Blush Intimacy customers, Lucie decided to design and create the ideal sextoy for solo initiation or more pleasure with your partner. Her mission? To reduce the pleasure gap between men and women.

The brand then imagined Onaa vibrating clitoral stimulator that's a veritable revolution in pleasure, inviting you to learn how to discover yourself, so you can enjoy it better together. With its two functions and 9 speeds, it offers a multitude of sensations, with a head that sends pulsating air and lands on both the clitoris and the breasts, and a vibrating body to awaken each zone touched. A very complete sextoy that's still easy to use, alone or with a partner, to increase your pleasure tenfold.

For the record...

It all starts with a drunken evening out with friends and a frantic search for a sextoy... A search that seemed rather banal, but turned out to be more complicated than expected. Between unwelcoming websites and exhaustive product selections that are easy to get lost in, the search for the toy that will make your heart skip a beat. Blush Intimacy was born, determined to reinvent pleasure and intimacy.

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