Herve Herau

Herve Herau

Herve Herau

Herve Herau

Le gourou de la peau préféré des stars.
La philosophie d'Hervé Herau ? Traiter, réparer et réveiller la peau. Grâce à ses formules courtes, ultra-concentrées et aux actifs de haute qualité, la ligne complète d'Hervé Herau vole au secours des peaux les plus déséquilibrées. Sa mission : apporter à la peau l'équilibre, l'énergie et le réveil dont elle a besoin. En savoir plus...

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  • Its unique range
  • His unusual philosophy
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The Hervé Herau Pommade

Discover the "SOS skin in distress" balm! It recharges reactive skin's batteries, reduces imperfections and also prevents irritation.

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The Herve Herau philosophy

Do you know the man behind these treatments? Herve Herau is a practitioner of cellular co-resonance biology who has developed his cosmetic range to improve the appearance of everyone's skin in depth. Caroline Roitfeld, Adriana Lima, Isabelle Adjana and Natalie Portman have all been seduced by Herve Herau's clean compositions. Made exclusively from 100% natural ingredients, the formulas are short and ultra-concentrated and contain only high-quality active ingredients. Finally, the reason why the Herve Herau skin care line is so unique is that the entire line was designed to help the most unbalanced skin. Its main objective? To work, repair and revive the skin. With a Herve Herau cosmetic, your skin will be balanced, energized and awakened! And to find out more about its products, we present the cult products.

Herve Herau Ointment 

The Herve Herau Ointment is the brand's cult treatment. This deep, universal treatment with its balm-like oil texture infuses the skin with vital elements to activate its repair and resolve all skin problems. A true "SOS balm", it recharges the skin's batteries and heals any concern. Herve Herau La Pommade is suitable for all skin types and is ideal for sensitive, dehydrated, dry skin, skin prone to imperfections or signs of aging. And to know everything about its fabulous composition... Sweet almond oil reinforces hydration and soothes. The mixture of manganese, zinc, magnesium, copper and selenium activates healing, purifies, and fights against cellular aging. Finally, the essential oil of hemlock which it contains acts as perfect anti-infectious. 

Herve Herau Cream Gel 

The skin care Herve Herau Cream Gel Skin Care has also made a name for itself. Why do we love it so much? First of all, its "whipped cream" texture that melts immediately on contact with the skin made us fall in love. What's more, this creamy gel-cream intensely moisturizes, brightens the complexion and provides a real boost for more toned skin. With Herve Herau Cream Gel, you can say goodbye to a blotchy complexion and significantly improve the condition of your skin prone to spots or signs of aging. And from the very first use, your skin is brighter and more plumped up. Its 3 key ingredients? Beta Glucan, which strengthens the immune system and stimulates collagen synthesis, raspberry, which protects against aging, and shea butter, which nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin.