by Rudolph Care

Rudolph Care

by Rudolph Care

Rudolph Care

Le “healthy glow” des Scandinaves.
L’açai, vous connaissez ? Retrouvez les pouvoirs de ce « superfruit » d’Amérique Latine aux propriétés anti-âge, revitalisantes et régénérantes, à travers les formules pointues de Rudolph Skincare ! Voilà plus de 10 ans que la marque danoise certifiée Ecocert et Nordic Swan Label, propose une gamme complète à base de cette baie précieuse cultivée une seule fois par an… de quoi prendre soin de soi sans compromis sur l'efficacité, la sensorialité et la durabilité. En savoir plus...

by Rudolph Care

  • Its sharp formulas around the açai, true "superfruit".
  • Its powdery and gourmet notes
  • Its environmental engagement
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For a natural glow

The Classic Hint of Summer Autobronzant Éclat Rudolph Care colore progressivement et hydrate parfaitement pour un teint hâlé et lumineux comme au retour des vacances.

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The featherweight sun serum

Ultra-léger et imperceptible, le Sun Face Serum SPF30 Rudolph Care protège et unifie la peau grâce à son cocktail de niacinamide, acide hyaluronique et argousier riche en Vitamine C.


Rudolph Care, the eco-responsible and certified organic luxury brand

The story of Rudolph Care begins with founder Andrea Rudolph. Pregnant at the time, she was selected to take part in an experiment conducted by Greenpeace to analyze the toxins present in the human body. It turned out that, despite a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, she, the youngest on the panel, had the most toxins and endocrine disruptors in her blood... Completely bowled over by this announcement, she looked into the products she used every day and quickly realized the large quantity of chemicals present in cosmetic formulas. She therefore sought to replace her products with natural alternatives.

And so, in 2009, Rudolph Care was born, a Danish brand that harnesses the power of the Latin American "superfruit", the acai! The brand formulates effective, sensorial products based on active ingredients scientifically tested for their effects on the skin, as well as their tolerance. For this brand, there's no need to compromise between luxury and sustainability, as its skincare products are Ecocert and Nordic Swan Eco Label certified, guaranteeing the best for both skin and the environment. Sincere and respectful of health and the environment, the Rudolph Care brand demonstrates that luxury and sustainable development are not incompatible.

Rudolph Care's star ingredient, Acai

Açai comes from Brazil, and more specifically from the Amazon rainforest, where the berry grows wild on palm trees. Açai has always been considered a natural source of energy for the indigenous populations, who celebrate the harvest, which takes place just once a year. Andrea Rudolph Care and her team maintain a close relationship with the people who harvest the berries. In particular, they work with a local community of 150 families who harvest and prepare the berries for cosmetic use. Andrea is very proud to be able to support the local population and help reduce deforestation, so that the rainforest and the Açai thrive for generations to come.

What are its virtues?

Acai is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and omegas 6 & 9. But what makes the purple-tinged berry so unique is its exceptional concentration of antioxidants, giving the products fabulous anti-aging, revitalizing and regenerating properties.

Zoom on.... The Açai Body Milk

L'Açai Body Lotion is highly appreciated for its light texture and long-lasting hydration, which revitalizes thirsty skin while soothing any irritation.

It keeps the skin supple and prevents sagging. It should be used after the shower, on very slightly wet skin, then warm the milk between your hands and apply it to the whole body. It is the product adopted by the young mothers of the team where the hydration of the body must be fast, effective and obviously, remain a pleasure!

Zoom on... Rudolph Care Anti-Stress Cream

Açai Anti-Stress Cream is a soothing, anti-aging cream that comforts weakened skin while smoothing the features, thanks to a cocktail of desensitizing and revitalizing active ingredients .Skin is soothed, and redness and irritation are reduced. Skin is also intensely nourished and comfortable. This rudolph care cream protects against external aggressors responsible for ageing. It's the ideal cream for sensitive skin wishing to take the first step towards anti-aging!

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