Discover Rudolph Care, organic and eco-responsible brand

For nearly 10 years, the Danish acai-based brand has been creating products with formulations that are effective, natural and so sensory that it became urgent that it finally appears alongside our other gems ! A visionary, Rudolph Care is one of the first brands to have sketched the future of the beauty industry, proclaiming loud and clear that among the criteria of a luxury brand, the commitment eco-responsible is neither more nor less of a necessity.

Everything started with Greenpeace in 2006... 

If Andrea had been told that, of all the participants ina large study conducted by Greenpeace on the presence of toxins in the bloodIf Andréa had been told that among all the participants in a large study conducted by Greenpeace on the presence of toxins in the blood, she would have had the highest rate recorded, she would not have believed it. As the youngest participant on the panel (and pregnant), Andrea was stunned: how could this former top-level swimmer with an impeccable lifestyle be the most affected?

"When I discovered that many of the chemicals in my blood were actually from my beauty products (...) I was both shocked and angry."Disarmed, Andréa threw out the entire contents of her bathroom, then set out to find natural alternatives. In vain. Because where to find natural formulations, without sacrificing efficiency, eco-responsibility and above all, what she dreams of...he pleasure and aesthetics of a luxury beauty product?

Açai, the superstar (and superfood) ingredient in Rudolph Care products 

In the end, it was during a trip to Brazil that it all clicked. The trigger was the acai berry: this superfood, which grows in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, is a veritable antioxidant bomb. Once transformed into oil, its anti-aging and regenerating properties are undeniable. This exceptional berry will be included in almost all the brand's bottles, as Andréa has signed a harvesting agreement with 150 local families... for a single harvest per year! The acai oil is then shipped to Denmark, where the products are made by hand.

Thanks to the clean compositions, the durability of the manufacturing process of the products but also the addictive natural fragrances, Rudolph Care ends up integrating the very closed circle of the cosmetic brands premium and sustainable cosmetics brands. Over the years, the range has expanded beyond the face, offering body products, suncare and a hair range, enough to take care of yourself from head to toe! The Danish brand has even managed the crazy challenge of combining the two most demanding certifications in the world on almost all of its bottles: the Ecocert and Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

High protection levels this summer 

As the icing on the cake, Rudolph Care offers several sun protection products that we love: cream, oil or stickto suit everyone's habits and preferences! One of our favorites is Sun Face Cream SPF50, formulated with natural ingredients and an invisible finish. invisible finishand Sun Oil SPF50, a light-textured sun oil that doesn't stick... and is even water-resistant!

* All Rudolph Care suncare products are not Ecocert certified, but Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified : The chemical filters used are the safest for health and the environment.

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