Le déo clean et efficace aux parfums qui changent
On ne présente plus les déodorants 100% naturels de Schmidt's et leurs parfums addictifs ! C'est lorsqu'elle tombe enceinte de son 1er enfant que Jaimie Schmidt, passionnée de cosmétiques naturels, décide de confectionner sa propre recette afin de contourner tous les actifs néfastes trouvés dans les déodorants conventionnels. Presque 10 années plus tard, ses déodorants (et maintenant dentifrices) sont vendus aux 4 coins du monde. En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Its practical tubes
  • Its 100% natural formulas
  • Its changing fragrances
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Schmidt's clean & cult deodorants  

Schmidt'sSchmidt's is THE brand of clean and efficient deodorant that has been in our bathroom for many years! In 2010, Jaimie Schmidt, then pregnant, despaired of finding a deodorant with natural ingredients. Inspired by the "do it yourself" movement and passionate about natural cosmetics, she decided to create her own deodorant from 100% natural ingredients. That same year, she launched the development of her brand to share her convictions with as many people as possible... Schmidt's was born. 

Schmidt's deodorants, a sure value

With its deodorants with intoxicating scents and unparalleled effectiveness, Schmidt's deodorants have quickly conquered the world and are now exported to the four corners of the planet. Here is why we love Schmidt's deodorants

  • A 100% natural composition and carefully selected ingredients

  • Long-lasting effectiveness

  • Respectful of our skin: Schmidt's deodorants absorb perspiration without blocking it, while maintaining a perfectly moisturized skin.

  • Fresh and pleasant scents

  • Clever and 100% recyclable packaging

Oh My Cream 's favorite Schmidt's deodorant : The Natural Deodorant Bergamot and Lemon ultra-fresh, non-greasy and non-sticky!

How to optimize the use of Schmidt's deodorants?

The effectiveness of your future Schmidt's deodorant can be optimized by a few tips to ensure freshness and good smell throughout the day! For example, it is preferable to apply the deodorant after the shower, on carefully dried armpits. Indeed, if the skin is still wet (or in case of recent depilation), the pores are open and the deodorant can then slightly sting. Moisture is not a natural deodorant's ally, as it prevents it from being properly assimilated by your skin. Also, keep in mind that Schmidt's natural deodorants may take some time to adjust : during the first few uses, the deodorant may not be as effective as you expected. You need to give your body time to adjust to a natural formula.