Our selection of Gua Sha face & body

Our selection of Gua Sha face & body

Our selection of Gua Sha face & body

Découvrez tous nos gua sha visage & corps ! Accessoires devenus cultes, ces beauty tools sont parfaits pour redessiner les contours du visage et retrouver une peau plus ferme.
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Nous avons sélectionné rien que pour vous la crème de la crème en matière de beauty tools… Découvrez ceux qui vont faire monter d’un cran votre routine beauté !
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What are the benefits of a gua sha?

A true ancestral accessory, the gua sha was originally designed to relieve pain in Chinese medicine. Today, this beauty tool Today, this ayurvedic product has become a beauty ally able to treat many skin problems. Indeed, the gua sha It gently stimulates blood circulation and acupressure points through a rubbing technique. It helps the care of your beauty routine to better penetrate the skin, and thus helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, fight against acne and sculpt the face. Thanks to its smoothing and firming properties on the oval of the face, it helps the skin to regain its glow. On the body, a gua sha allows a better circulation of the lymph to evacuate toxins and degraded cells. Clearly, by draining the lymph, the gua sha helps to firm up the skin and fight against cellulite by breaking up fatty deposits. It also relieves the feeling of heavy legs. Find our tips for using your gua sha here.

How to use its gua sha on the face? 

A gua sha is always used with a treatment oil or oily serum. Classic or high-tech, the massage technique is the same, and each step is repeated 3 to 5 times. Slide the gua sha over your face while maintaining very light pressure, starting at the top of your neck and working down to the base of your ears. Then from the middle of your chin up to your earlobes. Then place your gua sha just above your lips and slide it down to the lobes, and repeat the same movement from the nostrils to the middle of the ears. Gently massage under your eyes in the area of dark circles and puffiness. Then move along the top of your eyebrows, starting from the middle. To massage your forehead, start at the top of your nose and work your way up to the top of your skull, sliding the gua sha along the sides to your temples. Finally, slide the stone along the entire contour of your face, from the neck to the top of the forehead. This massage is recommended 2-3 times a week

How to use a gua sha for the body?

Start your gua sha massage by applying a body oil or lotion to soften the skin. To optimize the toning properties of the massage, place your gua sha in a cool place. For anti-cellulite action , run the gua sha under hot water for a few minutes. Start your gua sha massage with your calves. For each leg, place the smaller side of your gua sha at the ankle and work your way up to below the knee, avoiding the shin. Carry out this movement from the bottom to the top of the body, on the sides and back of the calf. Then place the larger side above the knee and move the gua sha up all sides of the thighs. Then use the long side in vertical movements to massage the buttocks, from the buttock crease upwards. To massage the arm area with the gua sha, gently move the short side back and forth, in and out of the arms. Finally, for the stomach area, massage back and forth around the navel from bottom to top. This massage is recommended 2-3 times a week

Our favorite gua sha to include in your beauty routine for face and body

Crystal Contour gua sha Odacité: A gua sha face carved in precious stones, for a lifting and relaxing action. 

Gua Sha Heart Pink Quartz with Teeth Sentara Holistic: This rose quartz gua sha, known for its soothing properties, works on the muscles of the face in depth to regain firmness and radiance.

It's Lit LED Gua Sha Facial Massager Solaris: This new generation gua sha combines vibrations, heat and LEDs for a plumped, luminous and relaxed skin.

Gua Sha Body Oh My Cream Skincare: A white quartz gua sha that stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, to fight against cellulite and water retention.

Gua Sha Angel Skin Body Sentara Holistic: This uniquely shaped gua sha helps to restore firmer skin, reduce cellulite and restore lighter legs.