How to massage your face like a pro with Thao

"Today I'd like to share with you my facial massage ritual for a glowy, vibrant complexion upon waking!"

. Start by heating 5 drops of your favorite skincare oil. For this tutorial, I use the Cell Repair Night Oil Aurelia Probiotics.

. With your palms together and slightly open to cover your nose, take a deep breath in and out

. Massage evenly over the entire face and neck.

. On foreheadmassage with the tips of your fingers, drawing half circles in an S shape.

. Apply small pressure in circles under the eye area. eye contour. Move up to the eyebrows, then pinch on the pressure points.

. From the wings of the nosemoonwalk to the cheeks and then to the ears. Do the same thing on the other side.

. Then smooth the contour of the lips with your index fingers, from the center to the outside.

. Finally, smooth the face with upward movements the oval of the face up to the ears.

. You are relaxed and radiant!

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