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The radiance enhancing masks that will amaze you

A complexion at half-mast? A grey complexion? At one time or another during the year, we all face a period when our face shows a blurred complexion. Daily stress, lack of sleep or poor lifestyle habits can quickly rob your face of the beautiful colors of healthy skin. So, during these times of crisis, we're always on the lookout for the perfect boost. What could be better than a radiance mask to restore healthy, luminous skin?

Why add a radiance mask to your routine?

Including a mask in your beauty routine is the gesture that makes all the difference in an instant when you feel your skin slightly declining. After gentle exfoliation, once or twice a week, applying a mask to the face can remedy a problem that has only just begun to appear. So when you feel that your skin is losing its radiance, don't waste a second and pull out your radiance face mask. 

In concrete terms, a radiance mask is a skin care product that restores the radiance of healthy, beautiful skin in just one application. Thanks to their composition rich in targeted active ingredients, these masks brighten and even out the complexion while instantly restoring the "healthy glow" effect. In fact, they're a must-have in your toiletry kit to erase dull complexions.

What is a dull complexion?

Dull complexion is when the skin loses its radiance and appears less "luminous", almost giving the impression of a gray complexion. Dull, lacklustre skin can also display small pigmentation spots that blur the evenness of the complexion. A poor skincare routine can be the cause. Poorly cleansed skin, for example, will accumulate make-up residue and find it harder to breathe. A lack of exfoliation can also explain the lack of clarity, as this essential gesture promotes cell renewal. Finally, poor hygiene is the last factor responsible for blotchy complexions. Remember, the recipe for beautiful skin is above all sleep, hydration and as little stress as possible. 

. Aura Manuka Honey Mask Antipodes

. Who is it for? Young skin (or not) with a blurred complexion, prone to small imperfections and tightness.

. Why you need it Because it's the king of compromise. Yes, this creamy mask purifies with its antibacterial manuka honey... and no, it doesn't dry out. On the contrary: the extracts of Pohutukawa flowers moisturize intensely, for a comfortable and soothed skin. And this delicate vanilla perfume, one would eat it!

. Age Specific Pro-Collagen Lift Mask Patyka

. Who is it for? Skin prone to wrinkles, loss of firmness and density and that looks grey.

. Why you need it Plumping, firming, smoothing. If these 3 actions speak to you, then this mask is for you! Its 100% natural active ingredient, similar to retinol, acts as a collagen booster for plumper skin and smoother wrinkles. Combined with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, the skin is illuminated, hydrated and plumpy and small brown spots are reduced.

. Prism Exfoliating Glow Facial AHA & BHA Herbivore

. Who is it for? Young skin prone to blotchy complexion, moderate to severe blemishes and stubborn marks. Not suitable for sensitive skin.

. Why you need it Because with its arsenal of exfoliating active ingredients, it acts on all levels of the skin. Deeply to remove impurities and prevent imperfections, but also on the level of residual marks that are difficult to treat. On the skin's surface, so that the complexion can regain its clarity and the skin's texture its regularity.

. Glycolactic Mask for New Skin Ren Clean Skincare

. Who is it for? All skin types prone to dullness, except very sensitive skin.

. Why you need it Because it's been the essential "boosting" mask for years. Its success is obviously explained by its amazing results on radiance, but also because it is multi-tasking by acting on possible imperfections, spots and even signs of aging. We also like its "homemade" aspect thanks to its generous texture and its natural passion fruit fragrance, worthy of a smoothie.

. Resurfacing Mask Resurfacing Mask Tata Harper

. Who is it for? Sensitive skin with a dull complexion.

. Why you need it Because the exfoliating enzymes it contains are so gentle, there's no risk of your skin seeing red. In the form of a smooth, grain-free gel, the natural enzymes combined with pink clay smooth the skin and tighten pores for a clean, glowing complexion... without redness!

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