Make-up: the 7 mistakes you may be making

There are things that we do so often that we don’t ever ask ourselves whether we are doing them right. Read on to discover some of the most common make-up mistakes and to find out how to improve your make-up techniques. 

1. Applying your blush on the wrong part of the cheek 

Able to enhance the most tired complexions, blush works miracles. But badly positioned, it can also be cruelly unnatural... The best place to apply it? To limit itself to the bulge of the cheek for a natural effect and, if one has easily rednesses, to avoid positioning it too close to the nose, at the risk to make them appear. If you're looking for a more sophisticated result, you can apply it in the hollow of the cheeks, moving up towards the temples. Be careful, this technique works best with medium, dark or black skin tones. In any case, choose a brush that is neither too small nor too big (whether your blush is cream or powder). Finally, all make-up artists will tell you: the real secret to a perfect result is toblending. If you've applied too much or in the wrong place, just blend or tap with a tissue.


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2. Using foundation to hide each and every imperfection 

The foundation is used to create a background, its role is not the same as the corrector. The risk of using it to camouflage a pimple, for example? Adding layers and layers and lack of naturalness. But moreover, to notice that in the duration, all will have migrated... To conceal imperfections, spots, redness and dark circles, nothing beats a matte concealer (without light-reflecting pigments). The right gesture is to use it after the foundation, with a small brush, and to take the time to work the material, even if it means adding it little by little. To fix the result, a touch of loose powder and you're done!


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3. Highlighter in all the wrong places 

Ah the famous "glowy" finish! True embodiment of healthy skin, the conquest of glow always involves the use of a highlighter... but it can also turn into a "firefly" effect. Let the one to whom this has never happened throw the first stone ;-) We therefore limit ourselves to strategic areas : top of the cheekbones, under the arch of the eyebrows or in the hollow of the chin or the wings of the nose to eliminate the shadowy areas. Another important point: the highlighter highlights each area where it is applied the result can be double-edged! It is better to avoid using it on the bridge of the nose, for example, if you want to avoid highlighting a small bump or if you think it is too big. Or even on the center of the forehead, if you think it is already big enough, because it will only accentuate it.


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4. Powder your whole face 

Is this really a mistake? More like a fashion effect. Depending on the decade, we don't have the same desires. But know that if you want the most natural finish possible, it's best to limit yourself to the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), and let your cheekbones breathe. Or even do without.


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5. "Use the puff, never the brush!" 

* Use the sponge, never the brush! 

Attention, this advice is only valid for combination to oily skin ;-) As the talented founder of RMS Beauty Rose Marie Swift says so well, using a sponge instead of a brush can drastically change the hold of a loose powder and thus better limit shine during the day. That's right, the sponge absorbs the sebum at the same time, while the brush only moves it around...


6. Plunge the mascara wand in and out of the tube 

Not only does this make mascara much drier over time (meaning that it will become unusable more quickly), it also allows air and hence bacteria to enter the tube. If you have fragile eyes or get conjunctivitis regularly this is a habit you really need to break. If your mascara starts to get hard to apply it means you need to buy a new one. We recommend you replace your mascara (if you use it every day) every 2 and a half to 3 months. 


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7. Using the wrong colour palette 

Golden, pink or neutral? Knowing your colour undertones to choose the right foundation or concealer should be as obvious as knowing your jean size. Avoid the mistakes we've all made in the past... Look at your wrist veins: if they look green, your undertone is golden. On the other hand, purplish or bluish veins indicate a cold, pinkish undertone. Unable to determine? You are neutral. By the way, if you're looking for a complexion product on our eshop but are a little confused about which shade to choose, our guide is available here :)

Our final tip? Try to make sure you always apply your make-up in natural light. We don’t all have a bathroom with a window but you can always check the final result in a little mirror outside or in a room where there is plenty of natural light to avoid (and correct) any nasty surprises.

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