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Holiday make-up: 4 tips to shine

Due to a lack of time or simply a lack of desire, our make-up routine often stops at the complexion and the enhancement of the eyes with a touch of mascara. For others, more skilled with a brush, there is no need for an occasion to achieve a make-up that is almost up to professional standards. On the other hand, for the holidays, it is unanimous, we show our most beautiful holiday make-up ! Here is our guide Holiday makeup ideas.

Tip n°1 of our Christmas make-up: Adopt a glowy complexion!

For Christmas Eve and New Year's Day, what better way to get a glowy complexion? Here are the crucial steps to start your holiday make-up :


  1. Apply a care oil as a base. This will give a very good base for the complexion and have that very bright side.
  2. Create a backdrop with your foundation to even out your skin tone. Be careful not to overdo it. If you have imperfections or redness to hide, you can use a concealer a concealer afterwards.
  3. Perfect your complexion with a concealer by applying it to the lower eyelid to camouflage dark circles or redness or imperfections. 
  • Enhance cheekbones with a blush. You tap on the inside of the cheeks. The more you blend, the more you tap, the more patient you are and the more certain you are to have a result that will be truly natural!
  • The final touch that brings the glow to Christmas makeup: the illuminator. It is applied to areas of light: cheekbones, bridge of the nose, upper lip and under the brow bone.
  • For combination to oily skin, apply a powder to the T-zone to matify the complexion. 

And to learn more about the products to use, be sure to watch the Pauline's glowy complexion tutorial.

Tip n°2 of our party make-up : Focus on the eyes!

To intensify and brighten your eyes, in your christmas makeupplay with shadows and lights and enhance your eyebrows, eyelids and lashes.

  1. Use a brow powder or pencil to fill in or even slightly reshape your brow line. Start at the top of the eyebrow and work your way down the brow, hatching in to fill in any small gaps. Finally, use a brush to blend and give a more natural look. 
  2. Use iridescent eyeshadows to bring light and play with shadows and highlights to open up your eyes. On the mobile eyelid, apply light shades and combine them with a darker shade to apply on the outer part of the mobile eyelid. For even more light, use a golden shade or your illuminator in the corner of the eye. A sparkling look is guaranteed!
  3. For your holiday makeupDare to use eyeliner! When it is clean and precise, it enlarges the eyes.
  4. Finally, enhance your lashes with mascara to give structure and intensity to your eyes. 

To follow all these steps, look at the Ambre's tuto, party makeup.

Tip #3 of our Christmas makeup: The red mouth

Although there are no hard and fast rules for make-up, if you have opted for a lighter eye make-up, a pretty red mouth is bound to look great.  

  1. Use a lip liner to outline your lips, starting at the centre of the lips. Continue at the corners of the mouth with small hatchings until you reach the lines. Avoid making continuous lines for ease and naturalness. 
  2. Always use a pencil to color the inside of the lips, making hatchings to ensure a long-lasting look at colour. 
  3. Switch to lipstick (in the same shade as the pencil) and start with the centre of the lips and then use small touches to colour the whole. Use the bevelled side of the lipstick for contouring.

To see it on video, follow the steps with Marion in her red mouth tuto !

The latest holiday make-up idea: beautiful right down to the nails...

Don't forget the pretty manicure and push your Christmas makeup to the nails. And we dare a little more madness at the end of the year! Reserve your traditional red or pink nail polish for the rest of the year and pick out the most glittery and iridescent for the holidays. And why not dare to mix?

In this tutorial by Pauline, discover how to achieve a multicolored manicure.

And above all, trust your instinct, the most important thing is to feel pretty no matter what your choice of beauty. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and we hope that the new year will bring you some nice surprises.

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