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Founder Juliette Levy's best memories from 10 years of Oh My Cream

Oh My Cream celebrates its 10th anniversary! And who better than Juliette Levy, our founder, to look back on these 10 beautiful years and reveal her best memories, as well as her best-kept secrets?

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What is your very first memory of Oh My Cream?

"That was the first day I decided to start my own business. I'd been lent an office and bought a brand new computer because I didn't have one. Then I cried my eyes out because I didn't know where to start. "

And your fondest memory of creating Oh My Cream? 

"There are many, but I think the one that stands out the most wasthe day we opened our very first boutique on rue de Tournon in Saint Sulpice. We set up store all night long with Marion and Fleur. And Jeanne, a journalist from Elle, wrote to tell me that she'd found a small space on the News page of Elle to announce the opening of the boutique, but she absolutely needed a photo, and she needed one now. I had a 10-foot-long head because we were exhausted, but it was my best memory."

Do you remember the very first product you recommended to a customer on Rue Tournon? 

"Not at all! But I can tell you who the first customer was... It was my mother!"

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What was your fondest memory of creating Oh My Cream Skincare?

"I think it wasthe launch party. We'd been working on the products for 2 years, and we'd organized a boutique event. I remember seeing all those people telling us how great the products were, how good they smelled and how beautiful they were, while we were suffering from imposter syndrome. I' d made my little girl's dream come true, I'd told myself I was going to create the products I'd dreamed of, but deep down I thought nobody was going to like them. I think that's pretty crazy."

If you were to complete this sentence: Oh My Cream Skincare for me is ... 


There have been a lot of launches in the last 10 years... Which one stood out the most for you? 

"I was very proud to be the very first to launch Tata Harper in France 10 years ago. But to be quite honest, the one that completely blew me away was the one by Violette_FR this summer. I'd pass moms coming out of my son's school saying 'I went to buy the Yeux Paint Ombre à Paupe Scintillant Violette_FR, I love it'. "

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2023 marked our arrival in London. Are you more of a Notting Hill or Chelsea team?

"I think I'm more of a Notting Hill team, I love this area, I've really fallen in love with it. In fact, when we go to London, I always find an excuse to stop off at the James Perse boutique, which is right opposite our Oh My Cream boutique in Notting Hill. I just love it. And to say the least, the Paris/London trips have been numerous this year. I've often been there with Fanny, our Communications Director, and our little ritual is to go to a little store called Daylesford Organic where we buy soups, broths and bone broths. We love it!"

2024 promises to be just as rich. Is there a particular highlight you're looking forward to? Valentine's Day, for example... 

It's a Private Joke. Everyone knows I hate Valentine's Day, but the girls at Communication are forcing me to talk about Valentine's Day next year. I think it's horrible.

Is there a brand you've been dreaming of seeing at Oh My Cream for 10 years? 

"Honestly I think, for some to wear but, we got them all and I'm not little proud. "

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After 10 years of Oh My Cream, what are you most proud of today? 

"From my team of rockstars! And I take particular pleasure in arriving at the office on Monday morning and saying to myself that I'm going to see my whole team of women, who are all Super Womans, who you can talk to about everything and with whom you share so many things, women's subjects, moms' subjects and frankly it's too good."

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