Once upon a time… The story behind Oh My Cream Skincare’s first mask.

In this post, Juliette, Founder of Oh My Cream, tells us about the genesis of our very first mask, the Oh My Cream Skincare SOS Mask, which the whole team spreads on their skin at breakfast. Of course, we know all about the "food for skin" concept :) 

I'm no stranger to skin in crisis (which is probably why I started Oh My Cream back in the day). In 15 years, I think I've had it all... blemishes in the background, redness as soon as I overdo it, discomfort in winter when it's cold, allergies after sun exposure, irritations after a peel at the dermatologist's, skin that goes completely haywire during my pregnancy... And if the serums and creams were doing their job properly in the long term, when my skin was getting me down, I would sometimes open my bathroom drawer full of masks to find something to make me feel better (right now, right away). 

This moment of the mask is a whole ritual for me: it starts with a It's a ritual forme: it starts with a feeling of being fed up or a simple desire to press pause, it's accompanied by a mug of hot tea and, if possible, a good show, it's necessarily 15 minutes for me alone and that's not bad. It's with all this in mind that we formulated our very first Oh My Cream Skincare mask: for all the skin in a state of collapse looking for a little respite, for all those for whom creams and serums are no longer enough, for all those little or big hurts that a good bandage would heal (literally and figuratively!).

This band-aid is the SOS Mask: a delicious "muesli" texture (thanks to oats) for hungry skin, a cocktail of particularly nourishing plant oils, ultra-soothing probiotics, and hyaluronic acid to find your skin (instantly) more beautiful. probiotics, and hyaluronic acid to find your skin (instantly) more beautiful. In short, a good dose of comfort ideal in winter... and for all those who do not have time to rest at the end of the day (despite the confinement ;-)), know that in the team we spread it on the skin during breakfast!

PS: Because it's obvious that they're too strong but it's better to say it, I'd like to take this opportunity to give a BIG UP to the Oh My Cream Skincare teams who worked on this SOS Mask: because developing a little nugget like this is a real challenge, because a generous formula at an affordable price is not easy, because a texture that smells good but without fragrance is a headache, because the back and forth with our labs are NOT counted on the fingers of one hand, because it's complicated to meet the launch deadlines despite the context and the twists and turns, because they put up with my countless changes of mind on each submission, because it's so great to work with them on these incredible products... BRAVO FLORE AND SOPHIE !!

Juliette, Oh My Cream founder


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