Appointment with Manuela de Poix

After a few years working for a large luxury group, Manuela de Poix decided to found her own communication agency to help young designers in the crazy adventure of entrepreneurship. During a visit to India Mahdavi, Manuela confides in us her beauty tips for taking care of her body and mind. 

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"For me, beauty is a balance, a found harmony, an assurance. It's being well in your life and having found your place."

Hello Manuela! What do you do in life? 

I work in communications and I set up my agency about five years ago. I take care of young entrepreneurs, which I am delighted about after having spent a number of years in a large luxury group where I learned everything! It was a bit like my school and today, I put my know-how at the service of all these young entrepreneurs!

Where did you meet us?

We are at the home of India Mahdavi, a friend, in her Project Rooma place conceived as a laboratory where she exhibits new talent and all her aesthetic research.

How would you describe your skin?

My skin type is rather dry, so I need to nourish it, moisturize it and I'm careful in the sun because I tend to have some spots.

What is your first essential action right out of bed?

In the morning, the first step is to moisturize my skin with theMoisturizing Flower Essence Tata Harper which smells delicious and contains hyaluronic acid. I then use the Body Brush Holidermie over my body to get better circulation. In the shower, I use the Gentle Shampoo Oh My Cream Skincare which is oat-based and then theMoisturizing Conditioner Oh My Cream Skincare. These are two discovery products that I really like! Once out of the shower, I apply the Rejuvenating Serum Tata Harper which is very creamy and has a delicious scent. Then, I follow with theRepairing Moisturizer Tata Harper and I take two minutes to massage my face and neck.

What about the weekend?

When I have a little more time, I use the Floral Hydrating Mask Tata Harper. I apply it just before the shower and once I get out, I use theFloral Moisturizing Essence Tata Harper with which I remove the mask. My skin is plumped and hydrated, it's my miracle mask!

Your extra gesture that makes the difference?

One of my little tricks, once I've applied the Moisturizing Milk Oh My Cream Skincareis to use the Gua Sha Body Holidermie which I use under my arms, on my inner thighs and legs. It's really something I love and it's so effective!

A tip to take care of your skin from the inside?

I have a ritual every morning, just at breakfast time, I take the food supplements HoliMoist Holidermiewhich are rich in marine collagen, Omega 3 and antioxidants. I really enjoy them!

And finally, what is the definition of beauty for you?

For me, it is a balance, a harmony found, an assurance. It can be found through the care that we apply but it is also internal and external. It is being well in one's life and having found one's place.

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