We tested it for you: foot reflexology

Ellie & Fanny have tested for you this massage technique based only on the feet. The goal? To restore balance in the corresponding parts of the body, for a soaring feeling of well-being! 

What is foot reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural, manual technique that frees the body's self-regulating abilities. This technique is based on the idea that the foot is the miniature representation of the human body. Each reflex zone corresponds to a specific organ, gland or part of the body, and the rhythmic pressure applied to these reflex zones helps to localize tension and restore balance in the corresponding parts of the body, inducing a sense of calm in the mind-body and and promote an overall sense of well-being.

Who is foot reflexology for?

For everyone!

You can choose reflexology as a preventive treatment, i.e. as a natural and effective way to a natural and efficient way to maintain your health, but also to promote relaxation and toand to alleviate the daily effects of stress. Some people come once a month, others once a week: it depends on the level of stress you experience and your ability to manage it.

You can also choose reflexology if you are suffering from a particular condition or are looking for a boost to recover from a difficult period. Typically requests are for relief from chronic or occasional pain, which is affecting a person's well-being and preventing them from living life to the full.

Reflexology can also be practiced during pregnancy (a period of life that generates physical and emotional transformations), to bring a rebalancing and allow the patients to live serenely this one. But also for the infants and the childto learn the gestures that soothe and help the child to feel better... And even with the teenagerto relieve hormonal imbalances.

Ellie's experience at Esteem Paris

After having tested electrostimulation in this temple of well-being, I go down to the basement ofEsteem to discover the little cocoon in which Fabiennethe podiatrist, will take care of me.

First of all, we both take some time, cut off from the outside world, to exchange: I ask her about this practice which is still unknown to me and which makes me curious, and she asks me questions about my physical and psychological health, or even my sleep. I find her so reassuring that I quickly surrender to her... Then she starts the magic - or at least her massage.

For one hour, Fabienne will apply light pressure to the whole foot, which will act on the energy flows. Activating certain points willor weakened organs to improve their condition or revitalize them. or revitalize them. Even though the whole session is soothing (because the pressure is more like a massage), I feel that some areas are more painful than others, and that the podiatrist's gestures are repeated on them.

At the end of the session, Fabienne explains the areas of my body and organs that seem to require rebalancing and on which she has worked more particularly.

 The benefits of reflexology are multiple:

  • it acts on stress and anxiety
  • it induces the release of endorphins
  • it promotes concentration and self-confidence
  • it reduces the risk of contractures and tendonitis in sportsmen
  • it stimulates venous return and leads to a better recovery
  • it boosts lymphatic circulation
  • it regulates the central nervous system

Esteem Paris, 46 rue Poncelet, 75017 Paris

Price: 1 session (30min to 1h) - 35€ - 70€.

Fanny's experience with Kelly Teilliet 

I had been wanting to try a foot reflexology session for some time and it was Chloe, our procurement manager who recommended the talents of Kelly Teilliet.

After 6 years spent in the world of luxury, Kelly chose the profession of naturopath, with the aim of returning to her fundamental needs: well-being (physical, energetic, emotional) in line with her deepest values. Today, she works in a holistic way using field techniques (naturopathy) but also manual techniques (reflexology, lymphatic drainage...) to accompany people who wish to evolve towards a better life balance.

After taking a look at her Instagram account account, which immediately attracted me by its aestheticism and its wise advice (which foods to choose, ideas for plant-based recipes or wellness tips...), I decided to make an appointment. A few days later, I discovered Kelly's cocoon, minimalist and bright apartment located in the heart of the marsh.

I then settle comfortably on the massage table and Kelly warns me that it will not be a "pleasure massage like in Thailand" (my only experience of reflexo ahah), and thatShe will perform different pressures (light or stronger) on specific reflex zones of my right foot, then of my left foot.

Some areas are quite pleasant and relaxing (when Kelly touches the zone linked to my stomach for example, my belly starts to gurgle - it is quite amazing to feel this connection and to see that it acts, provokes an internal circulation of energies...). Other areas are really painful (I clench my teeth...), especially on my left foot which was very sensitive during the whole session (the areas of the liver, the adrenal glands, the bladder and the uterus in my case).

"When there is stagnation of the life force in the body, it is felt as pain, stiffness or weakness. When there is free flow of life force in the body, it is experienced as pleasure, agility and strength."

After a one hour session, my feet are really sore, but I feel like I have rebalanced my energies and that I have acted on my global well being by calming the tensions... Kelly is very gentle and caring, I particularly appreciated our exchange during the session, both friendly and educational. I recommend her with my eyes closed!

Kelly's tips after a painful session After a painful session: take a footbath with a little Epsom or Nigari salt, or a Scottish shower (alternating hot and cold) for legs and feet. She also recommends putting a few drops of lavender or marjoram essential oils in a dab of cream and massaging the soles of the feet before going to bed.

Kelly Teilliet
5 rue de Saintonge
75003 Paris

Prices :

  • Foot reflexology session (1h): 80€.
  • Visio naturopathy consultation : 90€ (first consultation - 1h15) / 75€ (follow-up - 45min)
  • Lymphatic drainage Renata França (1h) : 140€ (first consultation - 1h15)


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