Charlotte Dereux, founder of the brand Patine

"Hi, my name is Charlotte, I co-founded the brand Patine: a committed, eco-friendly and super nice brand that you absolutely have to go and discover! I'm pregnant with my third child so I had to completely revamp my beauty routine to stop putting products on my skin that could be dangerous during my pregnancy, while still taking care of myself."


The first thing you do in the morning?

“In the morning I start with my face before having a shower. That way I have the time for my moisturiser to sink in before putting on my make-up.”

Your evening routine?

"There are things that have changed with pregnancy, and things that don't move. The thing that doesn't move is double cleansing. I use theMakeup Remover Oil Oh My Cream Skincare. I didn't think putting "oil" on dry skin was anything nice in itself, but it's actually great! You put some oil on, rub it in so it warms up and then rinse it off. This removes makeup and dirt that has built up during the day. I follow with the Cleansing Gel from Susanne KaufmannI feel like eating it because of its honey smell."

"Then, a few drops of the Soothing Milky Lotion from Patykaand then you feel the hydration and freshness. From time to time, I use the Exfoliating Powder Oh My Cream Skincare to have an exfoliating action and remove impurities. I used to be very lazy at night, but now I use 4 products to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin, and it's not even complicated!"

What about hydration?

"I apply the Kiwi Seed Oil eye contour Antipodes. A grain of rice is enough and I put it on at night. I feel like my eye contour is really good, I recommend it. Then I put a drop of the Back To Life Moisturizing Serum from Pai. This is a great brand for pregnant women because they have products for babies and stretch mark moisturizers. I totally trust it! I finish with theBioRegenerate Wild Rose Oil from Pai which has an anti-aging action like a night cream. This helps smooth out computer, worry, age and dehydration lines."

Your other essentials?

"My bathroom essential, beyond fragrance, is my day cream to feel hydrated for the day. I use the Vital Face Cream from Nuori It is without any additives that could be a bit annoying during pregnancy. I discovered it when I was pregnant, but I think it will stick with me even after."

Do you prefer hair or make-up?

"On the hair side, it goes very quickly because I wash my hair once or twice a week and that's it! For makeup, it's pretty minimal too. I've had the same foundation for years, Joli Teint by Guerlain. My mom used to use Guerlain products a lot, so I do too. Then terracotta and mascara to open the eyes. So more make-up than hair I would say!"

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