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Lisa’s routine for fragile and fine hair

Discover Lisa's fine, fragile hair routine and her tips for caring for your lengths. 


"I have always had fine and fragile hair. This routine helps me to master the situation and to give the impression of serious volume!"

Every dayI use the food supplements MSM Bio-Plus Oskia to help hair and nails grow faster and stronger.

1. For washing, I use the Shampoo Stimulating Mint Shampoo John Masters Organics. This shampoo contains spearmint and meadowsweet extracts, plants that are ideal for stimulating the scalp, but also soothe and soften. Choose it also in case of oily roots because it is rebalancing!

Lisa's Tip: Leave on and wait 1 minute. I advise you to use it once a week for maximum results.

2. For the rootsI chose the Founder's Blend Rahua. This rinse-off treatment soothes, moisturizes and nourishes the scalp. I take 2-3 pumps, then warm the cream with my fingertips and apply it to the roots only.

3. Now it's time for lengths and tips! The Vegan Hydration Mask Cut By Fred is dedicated to normal to fine hair and will delight those with a sweet tooth with its natural almond paste scent... It adds shine and makes detangling easier without weighing down fine hair. Leave it on for 15 minutes or even overnight, on wet or dry hair, then rinse.

Lisa's tip Massage well the lengths and ends to make the mask penetrate!

4. Brush gently with the Pocket Bristle Pure Boar Brush Mason Pearson. Be careful, wet hair is very fragile and brittle, so we go very slowly.

5. Spray directly on the roots of the scalp Volumizing Thickening Scalp Care John Masters Organics. This spray targets microcirculation, activating hair growth and strengthening hair at the roots. Massage well, then dry.

6. Turn up the volume with the Freestyle Texturiser Rahua, a styling cream ideal for fine hair! It can be applied to the ends as well as the roots, without any "cardboard" effect. And voila: I have a wavy effect and my hair is moisturized!

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