Tried and tested… The Magnetic Glow energy facial

A facial treatment that promises an incredible glow without so much as a finger on your face? Intrigued? We were too, so we sent Fanny to try the new treatment that is taking Paris by storm.

What is the Magnetic Glow Facial?

I met Jalila Levesque several years ago, when we were both working in an advertising agency. Last summer, Jalila told me about her interest in the world of the invisible and energetic, her passion for reiki, personal development, magnetism, but also and above all, the upcoming launch of a new project: Magnetic Glow treatments. A new kind of "beauty care" using magnetism combined with the power of magnetism combined with the power of crystals, essential oils and sound frequenciesThis is a new kind of beauty treatment that uses magnetism combined with the power of crystals, essential oils and sound frequencies to reveal the inner light (the famous "Inner Glow") and release the radiance of the face.

“The promise of glowing skin without cosmetic intervention or facial massage? I was more than a little intrigued and wanted to test the experience.”

This multidimensional sensory experience immerses you in a deep meditative state outside of time and space, using magnetism. Magnetism is an energy therapy that channels the so-called "universal" or "vital" energy in order to harmonize and balance the body, mind and spirit. During the session, the energy transmitted by the laying on of hands penetrates and circulates on the face to activate the inner glow and reveal it to the outside. Finally, the magnetism is amplified by crystals, sound frequencies and essential oils to anchor all these benefits.

The goal? To reconnect with your heart, to silence that little negative voice that judges and amplifies your complexes... The effects are cumulative and vary according to the person and the experience. After a Magnetic Glow session, you feel more in tune with your image, more confident, calmer, as if reconnected with your inner light. The face looks more radiant, rested and plumped up. This energetic beauty treatment can be considered as a complement to a regular cosmetic routine... as a kind of inner "glow" that will give you that "je ne sais quoi".

My experience… 

The session starts with an oracle drawing, one card only to set the intention of the session. A moment of exchange follows (more or less intimate according to your emotions of the moment), then Jalila makes you choose stones, by instinct. Stones that, if you believe in them, will channel your energies, soothe you, recharge you. I hold them in my hand throughout our discussion.

« You disconnect completely. Little by little I fall into a sort of half sleep. »

Then it's time to lie down. Jalila probes the energies of the different zones of your body with a pendulum. with a pendulum, then it's time to close your eyes, to let go, to be guided by the sound, the smells, without moving. During 1 hour, she will conscientiously put different crystals on you (she won't tell you which ones, it's her little secret!) and use the energyand use the energy and heat of her hands all around your face. The disconnection is total, I fall little by little in a half-sleep, my journey will be marked by all kinds of emotions (thoughts for dear ones, joyful memories...) then comes the moment of waking up, gently, to the rhythm of meditative chants.

The session ends with a new oracle draw - rare enough to be notified, I draw here the same card as at the beginning of the session - Jalila accompanies me with kindness in my reflections. I leave this cocoon (with the scent of incense and essential oils) soothed, rested, full of good wavesready for a new beginning!


The signature MAGNETIC GLOW™ facial lasts one hour (120€) or one and a half hours (150€).

For info or Booking contact on Instagram @Magnetic.Glow

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