5 reasons to book your infrared sauna session

It is now possible to book a session for a new-generation treatment inside our Flagship boutique in Paris: the infrared sauna. Benefits for the body, skin and mind, differences with a traditional sauna, prices... Ellie has tested it for you and tells you everything! 

The infrared sauna, what is it?

Of Japanese origin, the particularity of the infrared sauna lies in its heating system by radiation... infrared! A name a little "barbaric", but a practice yet 100% natural: its waves (whose frequency lower than that of light is not visible to the naked eye), are totally harmless and have many virtues for health. When infrared rays come into contact with the skin, atoms and molecules are set in motion. It is this release of energy, which we feel as heat, that allows us to take advantage of all the benefits... and they are numerous.

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5 reasons to book your infrared sauna session now

  • Because you certainly need a boost right now. When the temperature drops and winter ailments start to set in, the sauna is one of the best habits to start because it strengthens the immune system. Not to mention the accelerated elimination of toxins and improved blood circulation.
  • Because in addition to being incredibly relaxing, you also do your skin good. Better cell renewal and deep tissue healing: hey yes, the sauna fights against imperfections and reveals the radiance of the skin!
  • Because by improving your metabolism, the sauna contributes to the elimination of fats... And therefore toxins that love to lodge there ;-)
  • Because it's time to slow down. The gentle, prolonged heat of the sauna reduces stress and tension that can lead to back pain, and even improves sleep quality. A must for those of you who are always on the go.
  • Because you deserve it. Period. And so do all the people you love ;-).


Infrared sauna or traditional sauna? 

Unlike a traditional sauna (with heat from the stove that warms the surrounding air), infrared rays diffuse dry heat and penetrate deep into the tissues, warming the body directly. This implies a lower temperature (60°C for the infrared sauna versus 110°C for a traditional sauna) and therefore allows for longer sessions. Exit the sensation of "suffocation" that can appear after a few minutes in a traditional sauna ... As a result, the session lasts longer (30 minutes) and the sweating is more This means that the session lasts longer (30 minutes) and the sweating is more intense, as well as the purification of the body and the skin, thanks to a more important elimination of toxins. But that's not all, our infrared sauna has a patented full spectrum infrared emitterThis is different from other infrared saunas currently available on the market.

  1. A full spectrum of IR (short IR-A, medium IR-B, long IR-C) which allows a rapid rise in temperature of the body, an optimal penetration of the radiation to target the various zones of the body (skin, deep muscles) and thus a better effectiveness and an immediate relaxation.

  2. A unique ergonomic S shape shape that adapts perfectly to the body's anatomy. Beyond a real comfort for relaxation, it allows to diffuse the radiation all along the spine, key zone of the metabolism, and of course to relieve effectively the backaches.

Ellie's opinion on the infrared sauna

"It's time for my #metime, my well-deserved 45-minute break in the middle of a busy week... After having discussed the session and the contraindications, I drink a large glass of water slipped in at the entrance - because because it is important to be well hydrated before and after the session - then I take a shower. I then enter the cabin alone, for 30 minutes of sauna.

I am not a traditional sauna customer, precisely because I have a lot of trouble with their imposing and suffocating heat. I set the intensity of the infrared sauna so that I can increase it as the session goes on, according to my comfort. I quickly increase the setting to the maximum to fully enjoy the experience. I am not too hot, but I feel that my body temperature increases and quickly, the sweating becomes important. I think about all the toxins I am eliminating (Oh Joy!) and I relax deep in my muscles, my joints, my being. I even take the opportunity to meditate: I try to feel the sensations of each of my limbs, from the tip of my toes to the highest point of my head.

"The 30 minutes stop. A feeling of general well-being comes over me: like a mood booster (probably because the gentle heat releases endorphins). I feel relaxed, light, radiant!"

I look at my skin in the reflection of the mirror as I leave the cabin, and I love this post-sauna glow. All that's left to do now is get in the shower to take full advantage of the sensorial Oh My Cream Skincare products that were slipped to me, dry my hair and continue my work day, more relaxed than ever."

Frequency and rates :

Duration of a session: 45 minutes including 30 minutes of sauna and 15 minutes (before and after the session) to shower and hydrate.

Frequency: 2 to 3 sessions per week are ideal to maximize the effects of infrared lights on the body.

Rates : 45€ solo, 60€ duo.

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