Les compléments qui prennent soin de notre ventre.

C’est pour proposer une manière simple de prendre soin de notre ventre que Dijo s’est lancé dans l’aventure du self-care avec ses probiotiques et compléments alimentaires. Digestion, immunité, énergie, peau saine… Dijo prend soin de notre deuxième cerveau avec ses petites gélules fabriquées en France dont les résultats sont visibles à tous les niveaux. En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Its supplements that take care of our belly
  • His vision of the intestinal microbiota as a pillar of our health
  • Its scientific expertise
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5 days to see your belly deflate!

A 5-day cure to give yourself a "fresh start" and relieve the most important causes of a bloated belly, thanks to a combination of highly concentrated plants, enzymes and vegetable charcoal.

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Dijo, probiotics and dietary supplements that care for the stomach

Often called the "second brain", the belly is a pillar for our health, our well-being and our beauty. Indeed, it regulates everything: our digestion, our immune system, the quality of our skin, our moods and our stress management. It is to put the belly back at the heart of our well-being issues that Dijo was born in 2018. At the time, Anouk, its co-founder, was suffering froman autoimmune thyroiddisease that she could not treat with traditional medicine. It is thanks to probiotics that she will eventually find the solution and rebalance her stomach. And in 2018, along with her childhood friend Lisa, and accompanied by experts, they founded Dijothe first brand dedicated to belly care. Their mission? To make the belly, the first wellness gesture thanks to food supplements and probiotics rich in good bacteria to finally end bloating, transit problems, difficult digestion or chronic fatigue. 

The indispensable Dijo, the cult multi-action probiotic

We told you, a healthy belly has a positive impact on our vitality, our morale, our skin, our health, our natural glow and even our hair and nails. With its 8 different strains and 28 billion good bacteria (the optimal dosage to maintain a healthy belly), The Indispensable Dijo is a probiotic food supplement, ideal for strengthening the intestinal microbiota, promoting smooth digestion, strengthening the immune system and regulating weight. But these little multi-action capsules also have an effect on our skin and our moods by helping us manage our stress and reducing skin inflammation, all while improving our morale. To be taken continuously or as a 2-month treatment for visible results at all levels, The Indispensable Dijo will quickly become the essential dietary supplement to take care of your stomach and your beauty. 

What are the benefits of probiotics?

To understand their role, we first need to look at our own bacterial flora. From birth, our body forms a shield of good bacteria called the microbiota, to protect us from aggressions such as infections and skin inflammation. These billions of bacteria are just as beneficial to our immune system as they are to our skin! But it's important to remember that there are also good and bad (pathogenic) bacteria, and when the latter invade the skin's surface, probiotics are there to produce substances that are harmful to these bad bacteria and thus eliminate them. 

As well as being great anti-inflammatories, probiotics help rebalance and strengthen our skin flora. That's why they're often included in skincare products for sensitive skinbut also in anti-imperfectionssince it's the "p.acnes" bacterium that causes pimples. Find out more about the benefits of probiotics for the face and body

The belly, pillar of our health and well-being

It is not for nothing that many expressions revolve around our stomach. "I have a knotted stomach" or "I have butterflies in my stomach"... A true second brain, our belly regulates everything that goes on inside our body, our digestion, our immune system, our stress, our moods and our skin. There are more than 200 million neurons in the belly that constantly send information to the brain. As you can see, the stomach is a pillar of our health! Today, 1 French person out of 2 is concerned by stomach problems, digestion problems, bloating, complicated transit, a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, chronic fatigue etc. These are common everyday symptoms, and yet the stomach is often absent from our self-care and beauty routines. In order to finally take care of our belly, Dijo has created food supplements and probiotics with formulas developed by belly experts and with real efficiency.