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How to choose the right cleaner?

In gel, milk or foam, it's not always easy to choose the right cleanser when your skin is acting up... Here is our selection of clean cleansers according to your skin's needs!

What is the ideal galenic for my cleanser?

Normal skins have a wide range of choices and their choice will depend on their environment and the season: milk in winter, gel or mousse in summer. Dry skin will opt for textures rich in fatty substances and therefore more like milks, while mixed to oily skin will opt for gels or even clay textures.

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How to choose the right cleanser for your skin? 

We can never say it enough, for a healthy and luminous skin, the secret remains the double cleansing. The first fundamental step of our 3 essential gestures, this two-step skin cleansing technique visibly improves the epidermis. But how do you choose the right cleanser for your skin? In gel, milk or foam, it's not always easy to choose the right the right cleanser especially when your skin is acting up... We'll tell you how to to choose your face cleanser.


Double cleansing: the ritual for cleansing the skin

The 2-step cleansing process is the basis for healthy, radiant skin. To be integrated into your facial routine every night, double cleansingIt thoroughly removes impurities, makeup and pollution particles that irritate and sensitize the skin. Another benefit: the active ingredients (found in serums, scrubs or masks) penetrate a thousand times better on clean skin. You will have understood it, a cotton ofmicellar water applied in a hurry alone does not do the job... Not only is the skin not perfectly clean, but it only moves certain impurities onto the face. Not rinsed, the micellar water can also accentuate the small cutaneous concerns like the dehydration and the cutaneous sensitivities because you will preserve the detergent agents on your skin...


  1. The first step consists of a natural face cleanser 100% oily (Cleansing Oil, Oh My Cream Skincare or the Cleansing Balm, Oh My Cream Skincare) which will dislodge all impurities of an oily nature. It is the best way to eliminate excess sebum, pollution and make-up.


  1. The second step consists in the application of a second facial cleanser which will have an aqueous base: you can choose a milk or a cleansing gel (the Cleansing Gel, Susanne Kaufmann). This second step allows to eliminate perspiration and to refine the result, while starting to tackle a particular skin problem.

Gel, Foam or Milk, which facial cleanser is best for your skin? 

How to clean your skin when you have sensitive skin?

If your skin is easily inflamed, we will look for anything that could soothe it during the skin cleansing. Chamomile, oatmeal, rose oil or even flaxseed, these soothing active ingredients will be ideal to bring the softness your skin needs. For this, we warmly recommend milk and cream textures such as the gentle face cleanser Middlemist Seven Camellia & Rose Pai Skincare.


How to clean your skin when you have dry skin?

It is essential to provide a comforting texture during your skin cleansing to avoid any tightness. Then privilege the creams, emulsions and cleansing milksCreams, emulsions and cleansing milks are perfect for dry skin lacking in lipids. L'Cleansing Emulsion Oh My Cream Skincare will be perfectly suitable thanks to its rich and unctuous texture, which brings comfort and flexibility.


How to clean your skin when you have normal to combination skin?

If you have normal to combination skinwe will tend to favour gel or why not, foamy textures for face cleansing. gel textures or why not, foams like the Cleansing Foam Oh My Cream Skincare. However, it will be necessary to take care to turn to compositions without too aggressive detergents (in particular to avoid the sulfates). If the skin is very dehydrated, it can be interesting to turn to a milk, but in this case, a rather light milk.


How to clean your skin when you have oily skin?

For you, it's all about balance. Your sebum production needs to be regulated and this is done with gel or clay facial cleanserscomposed of balancing agents. The Purifying Cleanser Indie Lee Purifying Cleanser, for example, is an excellent purifying cleanser, without the stripping effect.

One thing is certain, adopting double cleansing and choosing the right face cleanser will considerably improve your skin condition. However, don't forget your complementary care products to have a complete and really effective clean beauty routine.

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