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Oily skin: our ideal beauty routine

Oily skin is skin that overproduces: it produces excess sebum. Of course, sebum protects the skin, but it also causes shine, which hinders the harmonious renewal of the epidermis. As a result, the skin becomes thicker. Sebum also has an unfortunate tendency to clog the skin's pores and cause small imperfections. However, the skin has certain advantages: it is less sensitive to irritation and ages better! Here is our ideal routine.

How do I know if I have oily skin?

  • My complexion is blurred, my makeup doesn't hold.
  • I have shine, my skin is never clear, my pores are dilated.
  • My skin texture is thick.
  • I sometimes have small imperfections, especially on the T-zone.


* Unlike combination skin, oily skin is prone to shine all over the face, not just on the T-zone. It tends to shine as soon as it gets up and for the whole day.

The made-to-measure beauty routine


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Not quite sure if you have oily skin?

Looking for an even more customized routine?

Do you have a question about the right body routine? Write to us at, our beauty coaches will be delighted to help. You can also book an appointment via this link link for an online consultation to speak directly with one of our experts and carry out a skin diagnosis.



How do I care for oily skin?

If your skin shines throughout the day, produces an excess sebumor has imperfections or dilated pores, you surely have the oily skin. If sebum protects the skin, it is the shine it causes that poses a problem. Then these shines hinder the harmonious renewal of the epidermis. Consequence? The skin thickens, the pores are clogged and small imperfections can occur. But we reassure you, oily skin also has its advantages. Less sensitive to irritation, oily skin ages better! And since shine is far from being an inevitability, we reveal our beauty tips to take care of your skin if it is oily.


What is oily skin?

Oily skin is a type of skin whose sebaceous glands work in excess. Over-applied, they can't stop and produce sebum whose composition is not "certified". This sebum is thicker and stickier, thus creating a breeding ground for blackheads and pimples. But oily skin is not necessarily prone to imperfections. Sometimes, one will notice only some dilated pores, on the zone T in particular. But, be careful, oily skin is no less fragile. Often treated too harshly (super astringent or purifying routine), it sometimes shows signs of sensitivity. If it feels attacked, it may even rebel and cause the famous "rebound effect". Patience and regularity will get your skin back on track... Gently.


Qhat are the causes?

Internal factors: The sebaceous glands work under the control of certain hormones called androgens (also called male hormones - this is why men are often more prone to excess sebum). A hormonal imbalance in these hormones can lead to excessive shine (this is sometimes the case for some women at the time of menstruation, a period of androgenic peak). Finally, some hormonal treatments can also temporarily derail the sebaceous glands.

External factors: Perhaps you've noticed that your skin glows more in the spring or summer? This is perfectly normal. A 1°C increase in skin temperature triggers a 10% overproduction of sebum. But it is also possible that an epidermis regularly weakened by an irritating skin care product may defend itself with excess shine. Aggression and drying of the skin with alcoholic tonics can also create this effect.


How to stop having oily skin?

Cleaning the face: the right gestures to adopt

The double cleansing is ideal for all skin types: it is the most effective and gentle cleansing method. By meticulously cleansing your face every night, you can better prepare your skin to receive specific treatments.

First step, I start with a oil or a make-up remover balm This product will emulsify all the fatty substances present on the skin's surface, such as sebum, pollution and make-up (including waterproof mascara!). It is thus the most delicate way toeliminate shines without aggressing or drying the skin. Thus, little by little, it allows to rebalance and gently cleanse oily skin. Moreover, the oily texture will also start to soften and bring comfort to the skin. These benefits will be perfect for taking care of sensitive or dehydrated areas such as the cheeks.

In the second step, to clean deeply, we follow with a foaming gel cleanser but without soap. This gentle cleanser will also begin to treat the problems of oily skin: excess sebum, imperfections or blurred complexion while providing a feeling of purity. Looking for creaminess? Cleansing creams are not only reserved for dry skin: some are formulated on a clay base and are particularly adapted for oily skin. adapted for oily skin. Want to try other formulas? Our guide "choose your skin cleanser"will help you discover other gems !

Perform a gentle exfoliation to purify oily skin

A "beautiful skin" gesture par excellence (provided that it is gentle and does not rhyme with irritation), exfoliation eliminates excess dead cells and optimizes the penetration of active ingredients, I gain in softness and radiance, while fighting against small imperfections (brown spots, pimples, dilated pores).


Protect your oily skin with a care oil

To finish your routine, protect your skin with a skin care oil adapted to the needs of oily skin. This oil, provided that it is fine and of vegetable origin, will allow to regulate the oily skin. Rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients, it is the gesture that brings comfort and fights against dehydration, but also brings to the skin the fat it needs to stop produce excess sebum.

Things to avoid when you have oily skin

  • Do not try to "strip" your skin at all costs with detergent soaps, alcohol-based lotions or grainy scrubs, as this will only increase sebum production and make your skin more sensitive. On the other hand, do not choose milks that are too greasy, which will overload the skin.
  • Ban mineral oils (I track down "Mineral Oil" or "Paraffinum Liquidum" in the formulas), which have a strong protective power thanks to their film-forming action, but which risk suffocating oily skin and stimulating imperfections. To be sure to choose your vegetable oil according to your skin typeour complete guide will give you the best tips.
  • Beware of the sun, which is a false friend: first it dries out the pimples, but when you return from vacation, sebum production accelerates and the pimples resurface... This is the rebound effect!

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