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Dilated pores, shiny skin and blackheads: what to do?

We often associate them with oily skin... But, no! Dilated pores and blackheads can occur in all skin types, especially on the T-zone. In this beauty report, Oh My Cream gives you all the advice you need and the right beauty routine to counteract this problem, which can quickly turn into an obsession...

#seo: blackheads and dilated pores

Why do dilated pores and especially blackheads appear?

In fact, these undesirables can appear in any area with excess sebum. This is why they are more numerous on the T-zone (with high-risk areas such as the nose and chin).

It all starts with the sebaceous glands, which produce sebum, our skin's famous protective oil. At certain times, for example during a hot spell or under the influence of hormonal factors, sebum production goes into overdrive and exceeds normal levels.

The pilosebaceous follicles, where the sebum flows, become a little clogged and dilate to let the excess oil out. And yes, we're talking aboutdilated pores"But the truth is, pores are only there to let perspiration out...

If it accumulates, this excess sebum will oxidize and form a small plug, which will become indurated. These are the the famous blackheads (also known as comedones). When bacteria get involved, they can easily degenerate into pimples.

What to do about large pores and blackheads?

Perfect skin hygiene with double cleansing

A good skincare routine will give you a flawless complexion and clear skin. Once again, it's all about cleansing your face perfectly. Every evening, forget the irritating micellar water and adopt double cleansing to remove sebum build-up, impurities and pollution...

We start with an oil or a make-up remover balm to emulsify all the dirt soluble in a fatty substance (such as excess sebum), then we refine with one of its gels facial cleansing gels to be massaged in soft circular motions, for a perfectly clean and healthy epidermis. One thinks of rinsing its face with cold water to tighten the pores illico. Then dry your face gently by dabbing a towel.

Finally, we avoid touching our face. The risk: ending up with scars or stimulating inflammation and turning blackheads into blemishes. Instead, book a treatment in a salon and leave this delicate task to an Oh My Cream skin professional (see our last paragraph).

Use a purifying lotion twice a week

Add a gentle peeling lotion to your routine. La Purifying Balancing Lotion Patyka sustainably improves skin texture thanks to its base of mint floral water, renowned for its purifying properties. It reduces shine and rebalances the skin by strengthening the microbial flora thanks to prebiotics. Finally, plant-based salicylic acid gently exfoliates, removing dead cells and providing an anti-bacterial effect for perfected skin and refined texture.

#seo: oh my cream cleansing mask

Cleanse your skin with a mask once a week

We also add a deep cleansing mask to our gentle purifying routine, such as the Cleansing MaskOh My Cream Skincare. This deep-cleansing mask nettles and purifies the skin without drying it out, for reduced imperfections and a more even complexion. Ghanks to a duo of green and white clays and charcoal, it absorbs excess sebum and impurities. Its formulation, combining sulfur and zinc oxide, purifies and purifies. Finally, the niacinamide and arnica it contains help skin regain its soothed, comfortable state.

The trick to boost its deep cleansing action? Apply it after a steam bath, ideally boosted by a few drops of patchouli or tea tree essential oil to gently purify.

Every day: use a specific care to tighten the pores

To banish blemishes and blackheads, and tighten pores, opt for Indie Lee's Age Bright Clearing Anti-Blemish Serum. This ultra-concentrated regulating serum fights blackheads and imperfections, at the same time reducing shine and tightening pores thanks to its salicylic acid-based formulation. The complexion is clean, matte and clarified, while redness is reduced. 

If necessary, apply a localised treatment in case of inflammation

Slip a special care product into your handbag, such asInvisible Bandage Soothing & Repairing Gel. Violette_EN to take out as soon as the problem worsens. Its "invisible bandage" gel formula has an immediate smoothing effect, helping to soothe and attenuate imperfections (as well as small cuts or burns) and improve complexion quality while accelerating regeneration, thanks to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Do you still have questions about a product or would you like to go further in your beauty routine? Write to us at, our beauty coaches will be delighted to help you. You can also book an appointment via this link link for an online consultation to speak directly with one of our experts and carry out a skin diagnosis.

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