Hair repair

Want a fresh start? Give your hair the clean care it deserves with our complete guide! From shampoos to special care to styling-and whatever your ultimate hair goal-we've listed just for you the products that will take your hair routine up a notch... 

How to take care of fine hair?

1. Winning shampoo + conditioner combinations 


Normal hair 

Blossom Shampoo + Forever Soft Conditioner Rudolph Care

Calendula and wheat proteins strengthen and soften whilst avocado oil and honey nourish and protect. 


Dry and damaged hair

Honey & Hibiscus Repair Shampoo + Honey & Hibiscus Repair Conditioner John Masters Organics

The duo that is beloved of curly and frizzy hair. Use them together to help prevent split ends and broken hair. 


Coloured hair 

Color Full Shampoo + Color Full Conditioner Rahua

The key to long-lasting highlights or colour is to find the right shampoo and conditioner. This duo repairs and protects your colour giving it just the right amount of shine with no brassy streaks. 


Fine (or greasy) hair

Shower Shampoo Susanne Kaufmann + Natural Volume Detangler Rose Christophe Robin

To keep the sebaceous glands working correctly, use a shampoo made from gentle ingredients such as coconut followed by a conditioner made with rosewater to soften the hair and leave it light and without residue. 

How to take care of your afro hair ? 

2. Targeted products that change everything 


Turn up the volume

Volumizing Washing Paste with Rassoul Christophe Robin

Use once a week instead of your usual shampoo. 


Hair in need of hydratation 

Vegan Hydration Mask Cut By Fred

The perfect mask for normal hair that hydrates without weighing the hair down. 


For dry and damaged hair 

Regenerating Mask with Prickly Pear Oil Christophe Robin

The must-try mask that you’ll want to keep for straw-dry hair. Perfect for curly hair. 


Fed up with frizz 

Vegan Serum Nourishing Hair Serum Cut By Fred

Apply 3 drops of this ultra-light oil to get rid of frizz immediately. 


My coloured hair is on its last legs 

Shield Mask colour Christophe Robin

If you have coloured hair that feels dry, dull and a bit like an old elastic band, this is the mask for you. It seals the scales on the hair shaft to stop colour pigments from escaping and nourishes and brightens your hair so the colour looks as vibrant as on day one. 


The summer oil treatment for all hair types 

Legendary Amazon Oil Rahua

UV rays, chlorine and salt do our hair little good. Cover your hair with this oil before going to the beach or the pool to keep it protected. 


My hair is always full of knots 

Moisturizing Mist with Aloe Vera Christophe Robin

Spray as often as you like onto hair that has a tendency to get into a tangle. It won’t make your hair heavy. 

Christophe Robin

Masque Bouclier Couleur

20 €
#seo: huile cheveux brillants rahua


Legendary Amazon Oil Huile Cheveux Brillants

46 €
#seo: brume hydratante cheveux aloe vera christophe robin

Christophe Robin

Brume Hydratante à l'aloe vera

29 €
How to have pretty curls? 

3. Styling


Sculpted curls 

Vegan Curl Cream for Curly Hair Cut By Fred

Forget dehydrating hair mousse, this styling cream will give you beautiful, bouncy curls that are shiny and healthy.   


Texture for fine hair 

Enchanted Island Salt Spray Rahua

Spray all over your hair and plait loosely. After a couple of hours remove the plaits and loosen the curls with your fingers. Your hair will be naturally wavy. 


Turn up the volume 

Vegan Volume Powder Cut By Fred

If your hair is flat and gets greasy quickly this volumising powder will give it lift at the roots.  


Try the iconic hairbrush…  

Handy Mixed Medium Brush Mason & Pearson

Your hair will never look perfect without a professional hairbrush. Try the brush that all the fashion shoot hairdressers love. We guarantee that the love affair will last a lifetime. 

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