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Patyka: the French brand with an inspiring track record

It's been over 2 years since our partnership with the lovely brand Patyka started. In December 2016, we met Pierre Juhen, the inspired entrepreneur who woke up this sleeping beauty... Yes, because the brand had gone a little sleepy. However, the story of Patyka is not new. The adventure began in Paris in the 1920s, in a small pharmacy on rue Rambuteau. In 1922, a pharmacist developed a 100% natural serum composed of 12 essential and vegetable oils. This nugget is theHuile Absolue. Very quickly, the elegant women of the time exchanged this precious beauty secret. Today, its formula, which has remained unchanged for almost a century, is still one of the best sellers.

After thirty years, the pharmacist decided to stop his activity. It was not until 2002 that the formula of Absolute Oil was rediscovered and it was around it that the Patyka brand was built, a name that comes from the Greek "Apotheke" which means Apothecary, a nod to the pharmacist founder.This takeover of the brand also heralds a major turning point in the beauty sector, since Patyka becomes in 2003 the first certified organic brand in the world.

In 2013, Pierre Juhen took over the reins. With his team of enthusiasts, they work tirelessly to revive this beautiful brand: eco-responsible packaging, packaging without glue points and recyclable, unanimously certified organic formulas, effectiveness tests, design and inspiring visuals ... They revisit everything with a flawless requirement. It is this work of excellence that has won over the entire team at Oh My Cream and led us to continue writing the brand together...

Clean, Hydra, Pure :
3 new ranges to adopt on a daily basis

Clean :
the range dedicated
to double cleaning

If there is one line that speaks to us at Oh My Cream, it is this one! The double cleansing is a major part of all the routines we recommend at Oh My Cream.

Composed of 3 products:Lightning Cleansing Oil, Detox Cleansing Foam and Soothing Milky Lotion, this range transforms the make-up removal ritual into a sensory break.

Inherited directly from Japanese beauty rituals, double cleansing frees the skin from makeup and all impurities in two key steps. Used first,Lightning Cleansing Oil dissolves all lipophilic particles (i.e. soluble in a fatty substance) such as makeup and pollution. Applied as a complement, the Detox Cleansing Foam completes the cleansing by removing the last impurities, such as dust or sweat.

The product not to be missed: Lightning Cleansing Oil

We don't know about you, but if there's one product we love to test, it's the makeup remover oil. And this one ticks all the boxes to make us addicted:

  • Its super practical pump bottle easily delivers the right amount of product.
  • It dissolves without having to rub make-up on the complexion, eyes and lips, even long-lasting or waterproof.
  • Its slightly sweet fragrance with floral and powdery notes relaxes immediately after a busy day.

Hydra :
the range dedicated
to hydration

Imagine a big glass of water... There you have it, the essence of this range which was thought as a thirst-quenching trio for the skin. Indeed, wind, pollution, sun, air conditioning... damage the hydrolipidic film and the skin loses 20% of its water per day.

In order to keep the skin hydrated, it is essential to retain water in the cells by preserving the intercellular cement and the hydrolipidic film which allow to reinforce the skin's impermeability. It is also necessary to provide an additional source of hydration by recharging the skin's water reserves.

As a starter, the Hydra Booster Serum Serum pours a shot of hydration into the heart of the cells. Then, choose between the Hydra Soothing Cream or the Hydra Soothing Rich Creamdepending on your skin type. If your skin is normal to combination, we advise you to opt for the milky version, which is more fluid and will moisturize without any greasy effect. In the event of drier skin, the rich option is particularly adapted thanks to the butter of mango which it contains.

The product not to be missed: Hydra Booster Serum

An ally of all skin types, it quenches thirst. The hyaluronic acid it contains, combined with Tremella (a spongy fungus that retains water), make it particularly effective. We particularly liked the following points:

  • Its "gel water" texture contains no fats. If your skin is prone to shine but still uncomfortable, test it! It's probably the product which will put your skin back on the right path to hydration.
  • Applied under a moisturizing mask, it multiplies its effects tenfold for an ultra-fast plump effect.
  • Enriched with soothing active ingredient (bisabolol), it is also suitable for irritated or sensitive skin and soothes inflammation.

the range that tackles

This short range gently treats combination to oily skin. Due to an excess of sebum produced, the skin can no longer breathe and shine, dilated pores, blackheads and an irregular skin texture appear. The complexion becomes dull. The microbiota is unbalanced.

However, it is this microbial flora, known as "microbiota", which represents the body's first defence barrier against external aggressions. These bacteria and fungi on the surface of the skin form a complete ecosystem and are our true allies in preserving the skin's beauty.

To ensure the integrity of this microbiota so important, Patyka has integrated in the Pure range of Prebiotics, that is to say sugars that feed these good bacteria. They rebalance, maintain and stimulate the microbial flora that protects the skin. They can be found in the entire range, which includes thePerfecting Matte Fluid and the Detox Charcoal Mask.

The product not to be missed The Detox Charcoal Mask

Adeep cleansing treatment, this mask cleanses the skin to restore freshness, purity and transparency to the complexion. Apply it once or twice a week for maximum results. We particularly liked the following points:

  • Its cream gel texture remains ultra-comfortable throughout the exposure time. Although it contains green clay, no cardboard effect with this mask.
  • Charcoal, an effective adsorbent, magnetizes all impurities and toxins. This little tube should be added to your routine if you smoke or live in a polluted urban environment.
  • The presence of zinc helps to regulate shine and gradually get the skin back on track.

And as for the other products of the brand, these ranges are of course certified organic, cruelty free and made in France. For vegans, they do not contain any ingredients of animal origin either. In short, at Patyka, we combine noble ingredients, worked formulas and effectiveness.

The favourites products of the team

Some products are already in the bathrooms of our team members. Here are the opinions heard at the office:

Camille about the Lotion Lactée Apaisante Patyka:

"The lotion was the step that bothered me. But, the gel texture of the Lotion Lactée Apaisante and its plumping effect make this product a real pre-serum that I apply without fail morning and evening. My skin is better hydrated since I started using it."

Margaux about the Crème Riche Hydra Apaisante Patyka

"My dry skin literally drinks the creams. I'm having trouble giving it comfort. But with the Crème Riche Hydra Apaisante, I have exactly the level of nutrition I want, all in a tube format, which is rare enough for a rich texture... but so practical."

Johanna about the Fluide Mat Perfecteur Patyka:

"I have combination skin with some shine during the day on occasion. The quest for the perfect moisturizer is a little complicated. This one perfectly fulfils its mission: hydration and especially a matt finish in a few seconds. It's a great make-up base!"

To discover the rest of the brand's products, please visit the page dedicated to Patyka on our website or (re)browse our beauty files about the brand!

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