Estelle Lubino's Painted Toast recipe

Ça change des tartines de pain beurre-confiture ! Découvrez la recette du Paited Toast d'Estelle Lubino, un toast simple et sain !


- 1 slice brioche bread
- 1 creamy coconut milk yoghurt
- Cocoa-hazelnut spread
- Sesame puree
- Almond puree
*This works very well with other oilseeds such as peanut puree or butter, cashew butter, pumpkin seed or sunflower seed puree...

How to make it:

- Toast the slice of brioche bread. Choose your toppings.
- Using a butter knife or round-tipped knife, spread a dab of almond purée, then yoghurt, then sesame purée, then spread. Alternate to cover the toast completely, creating a checkerboard pattern.
- Spread all over to blend flavours. Or enjoy immediately.

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