Rendez-vous with Estelle Lubino

Estelle Lubino is a freelance content creator and digital consultant. Her beauty routine is composed of simple and effective products for beautifully glowing skin. 


My skincare basics… 

There is the Biolumin-C Eye Serum Dermalogica: I didn't use eye contour before, but now I apply it morning and night! My other beauty gesture is the Sun Face Cream SPF 50 Rudolph Care. For a very long time, I thought that black skin was safe from sunburns until I got one... So I've been wearing this one ever since. But just before I apply it, I first use the Anti-Stress Facial Cream Rudolph Care, which is acai based. I also use it as a night cream, it's a real soft cream!

People often ask me how I get my natural glow... 

Come on, I'm telling you! I'll start with the Nourishing Balm N°1 Clear Olio E Osso, which I apply to my lips. I also use it on my eyelids, and it's super nourishing. Then, a little on the bridge of the nose, a little on the cheekbones and just above the lips, I apply the Liquid Light Serum Enluminur de Teint (Astrid shade) Ilia. I finish with a touch of Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara, and as I have black eyebrows, I like to apply a tiny bit to the brows... and voilà!

Estelle's favourites


Olio e Osso

Baume Nourrissant N°1 Clear

28 € 1 colour
#seo: mascara limitless lash volume ilia


Mascara Allongeant Limitless Lash

33 € 1 colour

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