Rendez-vous with Marie Faure-Ambroise, founder of My Travel Dreams

Mother of 3 children and head of her own digital strategy consulting company, Marie is also a very (very) big fan of travel. So she founded in parallel her website My Travel Dreams a little nugget that gives us all the good tips to travel around the world, off the beaten track. But not only!

"I think the skin is the true mirror of how we feel and what we experience."

Tell us about your skin 

I have combination skin that can get pretty dry in the winter. After the odd months that we have just lived through my complexion looks dull and sad. 

Can you take us through your routine? 

In the morning, it's pretty quick because I have 3 kids and a small business... I'll take my time more in the evening, especially with the double cleansing with the Makeup Remover Balm Oh My Cream Skincare (which I love with its oatmeal and coconut scent) and the Cleansing Gel Susanne Kaufmann. Once the skin is cleansed, I tackle the dead skin cells to make it look new. When I'm on a weekend trip with my kids, I always take the Exfoliating Powder Oh My Cream Skincare Exfoliating Powder in travel size. At home, I use Ready Steady Glow Lotion Ren Clean Skincare, with a reusable cotton pad to get my glow back. My real favorite moisturizer before bed is the Hyaluron Serum Susanne Kaufmann which I dab onto my face. And if my skin is still dry after all that, I use the Hervé Herau.

Your top three beauty tips? 

My first is Joe Malone's Basil & Neroli Cologne. I put it on before going to sleep, in the morning too and I spray it on the whole tribe! When we go on a trip, it's the same perfume for everyone! It smells like a baby... I also useEgyptian Magic balm all the time, for the whole family. If you go on vacation, after the sun, the sea or the mountains, it nourishes all skin and fragile areas and lasts forever. And finally, the Evoleom ampoules: it reminds me a little of my mom in the 80's who had to take vitamin C! I take the Radiance range with hyaluronic acid. 

Last but not least? 

I was a journalist for 15 years so I was lucky enough to test millions of products from incredible brands. I was always switching products. Now, as I get older I have a tendency to prefer more simple, basic products that have made my skin much better. So now I would say that there is nothing better for the complexion than a few well-chosen products that you stick with for a while. 


You can also find the tee-shirts and sweatshirts from the video (designed by Marie), directly on the website My Travel Dreams !

Marie's selection

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