Beauty express: the best products for when you’re in a hurry

Here is our list of the most effective, super speedy beauty products. Timers to the ready!

Less than a minute  

You bet your hair would last until tomorrow but... To gain a day's reprieve before washing, the Vegan Volume Powder Dry Shampoo Cut By Fred absorbs excess oil and restores volume in one easy step.

Simply add a splash of water to theHoli(C) Vitamin Calcium & Vitamin C Powder Natrium Agent to transform it into a "magic wand" treatment that restores radiance to even the dullest of complexions. Also a must to get rid of imperfections.

Just a minute 

Thanks to its roll-on format, theEye Rescue Stick Line A Susanne Kaufmann glides on the eye contour in no time at all to smooth fine lines, moisturize and decongest tired eyes.

Need a little sunshine? The Tan Adaptive Drops Self-Tanning Oskia can be added directly to your day cream to get a tanned complexion that suits your skin tone!

Fall in love with their vitaminized colors and their nourishing and protective formulas: the Blush Balms In Stick Olio E Osso apply to cheeks and lips to moisturize in the blink of an eye and give you a boost of energy.

Just over a minute   

We bet everything on the look with theEyebrow Pencil Crayon Jane Iredale : we draw and fill the small holes with the pencil, then we brush with the comb, for a perfect eyebrow.

L'Exfoliating Hydro Mask Dermalogica pampers thirsty skin, then massages to dissolve the small exfoliating spheres. And hop! A plumped up skin with a velvet touch.

If you always put off exfoliating your body until later, the AHA Radiance Renewal Body Serum Ren Clean Skincare may well become an essential since it moisturizes and exfoliates thanks to its fruit acids. And you can get dressed right away!

#seo: eye rescue line a susanne kaufmann

Susanne Kaufmann

Sérum Yeux Concentré

98 €
#sku-857327007027 #seo: baume en stick olio e osso

Olio e Osso

Baume Blush en Stick

20 € 10 colours

Jane Iredale

Eyebrow Pencil Crayon Sourcils

15 € 3 colours


Hydro Masque Exfoliant

40 €
#seo: sérum corps éclat aha ren clean skincare

Ren Clean Skincare

Sérum Corps Peau Neuve Eclat AHA

42 €

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