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Tata Harper, certified organic luxury care

A pioneer in certified organic luxury skincare, Tata Harper creates extraordinarily pure and effective products, grown and bottled in the heart of the lush Vermont region. Fall in love with these iconic green bottles.

Tata Harper premium & certified organic care

If the brand with its iconic green bottles has quickly become a household name, it is undoubtedly linked to the initial observation of its founder, Tata Harper, who struggled to find effective skincare products made from quality ingredients that were pleasant to use and had no adverse effects on her health. The message is clear: no more compromise between naturalness and high efficiency! The concentrations of natural active ingredients in each Tata Harper product are constantly pushed to their maximum, thus having nothing to envy to synthetic active ingredients in terms of effectiveness on all our skin problems (from anti-aging to radiance or even sensitivities). And always with that exceptional sensoriality that makes Tata Harper skin care a true reference in the field, now used in the most luxurious spas around the world... But also in our treatment rooms.


"I couldn't find any skincare products that were effective, made from high quality ingredients and really enjoyable to use. I knew that if I was looking for results, without having to worry about their effects on my health, other people were in the same situation. That's how I created my brand."

A range for sensitive skin

Sensitive skins are also entitled to their sharp and concentrated formulas. 85 allergens, including essential oils, have been excluded from the the Superkind range line from Tata Harper. A new range for sensitive skin that respects the same philosophy as the other products of the iconic green-bottled brand: 100% natural and super-powerful active ingredients. Treating the signs of aging effectively is finally possible even with sensitive skin.

These cult Tata Harper skincare products you must try

Anti-aging serum with "botox-like" active ingredient 

The Rejuvenating Serum works in synergy with the skin to keep it young and radiant thanks to its 40 active ingredients! It reduces muscle contractions to prevent marked wrinkles, plumps and smoothes. A must-have that can be started at age 30.

The mask that wakes up the glow

This enzyme and pink clay-based marmalade can be left on for several minutes (or even overnight!) while sweeping away dead cells that dull the complexion. Result: the Resurfacing Mask offers an incredible glow and a velvety skin to the touch. A must-have even if you have sensitive skin!


The creamy "healthy glow" blush

On the cheeks but also on the lips and even the eyes, the Cream Blush can actually be applied anywhere and directly with the finger to give a little pep to a tired look.

The floral lotion thought as a serum 

A real floral composition that sublimates and refreshes the skin with its waters of Damask rose, neroli and lavender ... The'Hydrating Floral Essence is also a small jewel of hydration and a plumping concentrate with its hyaluronic acid too!


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