Tried and tested... A course of LED treatments to help make blemishes a thing of the past.

Red, green, blue, yellow... LEDS have more than one trick up their sleeve to solve all your beauty problems! Wrinkles, imperfections, redness, poor complexion or even stubborn marks, Ellie tested for you a LEDS session in our Flagship boutique in Paris.

Before we begin, what exactly are LEDs?

LEDS are a device called "photobiomodulation": it is an electronic component that emits light when an electric current flows through it. To go into a little more detail, this light is an energy in the form of particles called photons, which penetrate the skin to the heart of the cell, at the level of the mitochondria, the "energy centers" of the cells, in order to promote the production of Adenosine-TriphosPhate (the famous cellular energy), all with a specific goal: that of regenerating and repairing the skin

Each problem has its own light, because each has a different wavelength and performs a specific function on the skin. The good news? They can be combined!

My experience…

In fact, LEDS have been part of the treatment protocols I have tested for years (such as during a peel or after a Korean lift session). But this time, this session is 100%. After lying on the bed in a very cosy cabin (and a scrupulous double cleansing with the Cleansing Balm and the Cleansing Gel Oh My Cream Skincare), a quick skin diagnosis is performed to understand my needs. As my skin is acting up again at the moment (with small pimples on the bottom of my face), we immediately opt for a two-step session: first blue LEDs to purify, then infrared for a healing effect. Here we go!

"Since the whole process is completely pain-free, I find, to my surprise, that I can really relax and make the most of having some time to myself."

Here I am, wearing nice glasses to protect my eyes during the whole session, with two small compresses on each eye in order to be comfortable for the next 20 minutes that await me. Once the program has been meticulously chosen, the ballet of lights begins. Even with my eyes closed, the power of the light allows me to guess what stage I am at in my session (it's a little surprising at first, but you get used to it quickly!). As the process is completely painless, I gradually find myself letting go and taking full advantage of these few minutes just for me.

When the session is over, I am given the Universal Cream and the Sun Care Face Cream SPF50 Oh My Cream Skincare. Two gems that I also love, and that allow me - thanks to the fairy fingers of the facialist - to have this after-care glow that we all expect!

The results?

After this first session, I already find my skin radiant and my imperfections less defined on my chin. So, to optimize the results of the LEDs, we decided to repeat the experience with a course of 6 sessions, at a rate of 2 sessions per week.

In my case, the first four sessions were quite impressive: my pores are tighter, the small pimples are clearly less visible, and overall, I find the quality of my skin much better (my complexion is more uniform and I have less redness). On the other hand, just before my last two sessions, I had a "rebound" effect: some pimples reappeared, I found my skin a little less beautiful. A little depressed at first, I quickly told myself that my skin was regenerating and that this was surely the normal process as the skin detoxifies.

Bingo! After the last two sessions the spots cleared up again, completely this time, despite the fact that I had PMT and was super stressed because of moving house.

One month after my last session, my skin is much healthier, my imperfections have not returned. I decided to continue to do one LED session per month, to keep this nice skin quality, and in parallel I completely changed my skin care routine after my meeting with Hervé Herau! I now only use these products which are incredible for my problems (I will tell you about them very soon).

In short, LEDs are a new ritual for me that perfectly complements my minimalist and effective skincare routine... That 's also what holistic beauty is all about.

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