La marque cosméceutique axée problème / solution.
Marque n°1 de soins professionnels aux Etats-Unis, cette gamme de produits cosméceutiques allie le meilleur de la nature aux actifs synthétiques de pointe afin d’apporter des réponses ciblées à toutes les problématiques cutanées. Si vous n’aviez qu’un produit à tester ? L’huile démaquillante universelle Precleanse qui démaquille en un éclair tout en préservant les peaux les plus sensibles. En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Its 100% customisable routines
  • Its many cult products
  • Its high-tolerance formulas
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Notre Goodie Bag fait son retour !

Découvrez notre nouveau Goodie Bag et ses 10 soins cultes, d’une valeur réelle de 170€, dont une pépite Aurelia London en taille réelle. Offert dès 150€ d'achat avec le code GOOD24.

Le soin SOS anti-fatigue

Regard fatigué ? Le contour des yeux en gel Dermalogica hydrate et raffermit le contour de l'oeil. Notre meilleur ami pour atténuer l'apparence des poches et des ridules !

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Dermalogica, clean & professional skincare made in USA

Dermalogica is THE number 1 professional skin care brand in the United States! The products Dermalogica are part of what is called "cosmeceuticals": they are inspired by pharmaceutical and dermatological technologies to target and treat skin problems. Dermalogica So, our cosmeceuticals combine the best of nature with the latest synthetic active ingredients to provide a targeted solution to any skin concern. The little extra? The diversity of products Dermalogica allows you to create a complete 100% personalised routine. So you can be sure to find your rare pearl ;-)

Dermalogica products for a perfect double cleaning

Dermalogica is without a doubt one of your favorite brands since the beginning of Oh My Cream. Indeed, the product line Dermalogica has many best-sellers among its products. If we had to recommend just one product to test the benefits of double cleansing, it would definitely be thePrecleanse Cleansing Oil. Its cleansing power is impressive: it removes in a flash all the impurities and accumulations of the day (sebum, make-up or pollution) to leave your skin infinitely cleaner! And to complete its double cleansing, we opt for theUltraCalming Cleansera very fresh cream gel with a lavender scent that gently cleanses reactive skin while soothing redness.

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant: the cult exfoliating & universal powder

The care Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is a real nugget of skincare! This cult product is a daily exfoliant in powder form that, when coupled with a few drops of water, transforms into a fine foam to get rid of all the dead cells in a clean... and gentle way! Indeed, this exfoliant is based on rice bran powder, salicylic acid and papain, active ingredients that nibble away at the bonds holding the small dead cells. This chemical action is therefore very gentle, unlike mechanical scrubs with grains, which are often too abrasive for the fragile skin of the face. The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant also contains oatmeal to soothe and tea tree extract to purify. The result is smoother skin, a clearer, more even complexion and a much brighter complexion! Regular gentle exfoliation (and even daily with the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant) also helps to prevent the first signs of ageing thanks to cell renewal, and to fight against imperfections. So don't neglect your exfoliator in your routine, because it's a real beauty essential ;-)

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