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Les adaptogènes à boire.
Inspirée des rituels de la médecine traditionnelle chinoise et de l’ayurvéda, Maison Loüno est l’une des premières marques à utiliser les aliments adaptogènes en France. Incorporés dans de délicieuses préparations pour boissons, les adaptogènes aident le corps à adapter sa réponse à toutes les formes de stress environnementaux. Découvrez les produits simples et délicieux de cette marque engagée et made in France ! En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Its adaptogens as a healthy alternative to coffee
  • Its ease of use
  • Made in France
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The creation of Maison Loüno

Louise Skadhauge became aware of the impact of food on her health when she discovered her gluten intolerance. Wishing to turn to a healthier and more holistic way of life, she founded Maison Loüno, a company that offers adaptogenic products. Does this term mean nothing to you? These are plants such as mushrooms, berries and roots that help the body cope with the stresses of the environment. For Louise, "they have changed my life, my relationship with stress, my productivity and my hormonal balance in depth."

Maison Loüno food supplements: their superpowers 

"We incorporate functional mushrooms, superfoods or superherbs into our blends for the benefit of our bodies, palates and heads." Maison Loüno's products are integrated into rituals inspired by Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Indeed, it is not only about taking care of our body, but also of our mind! After all, don't we say "a healthy mind in a healthy body"? At Oh My Cream, we believe in this and that is why we offer food supplements. We refer to three powders to incorporate in hot or cold drinks: cocoa and matcha. Cocoa is known for its anti-stress and mood regulating properties. Matcha, on the other hand, is an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and relaxing! 

Magic Matcha Latte and Magic Cocoa Morning and Evening

Looking for an alternative to coffee? Maison Loüno powders are delicious options! Magic Cocoa du Matin is the star of breakfast. It energizes and supports the immune system and also ensures better stress management. Do you prefer tea? Then Magic Matcha Latte is your best ally. This powder has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Able to regulate intestinal fermentation and the body's acid-base balance, it reduces the body's overall inflammation. After a hard day's work, Magic Cocoa du Soir acts as a real "massage" for the nervous system, reinforcing the body's ability to cope with stress. Mixed with water, milk or a vegetable drink, these drinks are ideal for children aged 12 and over!

The commitments of Maison Loüno

If we refer to the Maison Loüno brand, it is not only for its great food supplements. This small company has strong commitments, a very important criterion for Oh My Cream. To promote social reintegration, the brand works with the ESAT, which employs people who have suffered psychological trauma. It values artisanal work and promotes consuming less, but better. Finally, to increase the properties of its products tenfold, Maison Loüno uses organic ingredients and most of the manufacturing steps are carried out in France. Finally, the packaging is recyclable and bulk packaging is gradually being introduced!