Le maquillage est l’étape ultime pour sublimer son visage ! Comme pour les soins visage, nous avons sélectionné des produits coup de cœur, efficaces et toujours clean pour une peau saine. Découvrez notre sélection de maquillage-soin triée sur le volet. En quête de votre routine idéale ? Faites notre quiz pour trouver vos essentiels makeup clean.
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Powder foundation

Oh My Cream Skincare Mineral Powder SPF20 conceals without drying and evens out without marking features, for a natural complexion in just a few brushstrokes!

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Eye and face makeup: what is clean makeup?

As the ultimate step towards even more radiant skin, it's not always easy to find long-lasting makeup products with clean formulas.
We have selected for you eye and face makeup with formulas that are respectful (even for the most sensitive skin), and that let the skin breathe. Indulge yourself with clean make-up products.

Our selection of cult makeup products

At Oh My Cream, we offer a wide range of makeup products for the complexion, lips and eyes. Among these gems, some products have quickly become best-sellers. The Ilia brand is undoubtedly one of the references in terms of clean make-up: iconic products such as the True Skin Foundation Serum and the Multi-stick for example, offer a fresh and natural complexion in just a few minutes.
If you want a hydrated and sublimated mouth, the Wild With Desire Lipstick by RMS Beauty is one of our must-haves. Finally, let's not forget the lashes with the Limitless Lash Mascara Ilia which brings strength and health to them thanks to its formula with beeswax and castor oil. Each woman can find the products she needs, according to her needs and the time she has available!

What are the steps of a clean makeup ?

Before starting to apply makeup, the very first thing is to select products that are adapted to your skin type: both in relation to your skin tone and its nature. A full coverage foundation may not be suitable for everyone, for example. To learn more, please read the article "The 7 mistakes you may be making". Once chosen, it's time to move on to the make-up step. A little foundation applied with a makeup brush, a touch of glow with the The Impossible Glow of Pai and you're done! A little tip: apply your makeup in daylight to avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure a natural look.

Clean makeup: why should you adopt it?

With their clean and simple formula, many of our make-up products have a double action with a very moisturizing side like the Daily Lip balm Tinted by RMS Beauty, allowing you to take care of your face in just a few minutes. In addition, you avoid the harmful active ingredients common in this type of product, such as mineral oils, parabens and synthetic perfumes that can be allergenic. And when you say less dubious substances, you also say skin that breathes and imperfections are reduced! Discover for example the Master Radiance base by RMS Beauty, perfect for beginners. Finally, we tend to think that without synthetic agents, products are poorly pigmented or do not hold on the skin. But once you've tried Jane Iredale 's PurePressed Base and Ilia' s Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint, you won't be able to live without them.