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Rides, éclat, imperfections ou encore hydratation… Découvrez nos sérums visage pour aller plus loin dans votre routine beauté. Des sérums aqueux, concentrés en actifs, à glisser sous votre crème hydratante pour traiter vos problématiques cutanées !
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The cult treatment you need to try at least once!

A combination of "beautiful skin" active ingredients, Good Genes Sunday Riley is the multi-functional serum for reducing imperfections, plumping skin and boosting radiance.

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Ultra-concentrated boosters

To reduce blemishes and imperfections, moisturize, soothe or smooth, discover Pai Skincare Booster Serums. Whether used alone or mixed with your skin cream, all you have to do is find the one that will change your skin!

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Face serums

Facial cleansers, masks, creams, ... So many products are available today to help you create a complete routine! But when it comes to providing a targeted response to a specific skin problem, it is not always easy to find THE perfect care product.
The serum, thanks to its aqueous base, contains a high concentration of active ingredients, capable of penetrating deep into your skin in order to provide a quick and effective solution to your problem. This makes it one of the products in your skincare ritual to adopt, whatever your skin type.

The different types of serums

In order to best respond to the problem encountered, it is important to select THE right face serum. At Oh My Cream, we offer a variety of serums to address a particular problem or several at once! Often, the lot of normal and combination skin is dehydration. This can be treated with hyaluronic acid: although it is naturally present in the skin, you can provide your skin with a small extra dose with the Back to Life by Pai Skincare or Oh My Cream Skincare Moisturizing Serum. For sensitive skin, there's nothing better than Dermalogica 's UltraCalming Serum Concentrate, which soothes and moisturizes.For a little boost to your tired complexion, Patyka' s Regenerating Radiance Serum is perfect. You can also fight against imperfections with our Anti-Imperfections Serum limits excess sebum. Pores are tightened and less visible. Finally, serums with anti-aging action are ideal to help cell renewal and reduce visible wrinkles. For example, we recommend Patyka' s Repulpant Serum , enriched with trace elements, our champion of rejuvenating effect!

How do you incorporate the serum into your routine?

The serum is a perfect part of your daily routine no matter what problem you're facing. You can apply it in the morning and/or evening, always under your moisturizer (discover more with our beauty bill dedicated to that). All year round or as a cure, a small amount is enough to meet your needs. Attention: some serums contain photo-sensitizing active ingredients (such as retinol for example). In this case, always make sure to apply them in the evening only and to use a sun protection during the day.

Our tip? To maximize the benefits of this one, you can apply it on a slightly damp skin, after a lotion or a hydrolat. Finally, if you have any doubts about which serum is right for your skin type, don't hesitate to ask our advisors in the store or on the chatbot!

How to optimize the effectiveness of your serum?

Although a serum has a complete formula, other beauty gestures are fundamental to increase its effectiveness tenfold. This is the case of double cleansing, one of the keys to beautiful and healthy skin. For example, use our Cleansing Oil and our Cleansing Gel! Finally, a suitable moisturizer also maximizes the effects of your serum. Finally, to enhance your eye area and not to forget this part of the face which is very fragile, apply our Eye Contour Balm in addition to an eye contour serum for greater effectiveness.