The serums which (really) fix your problems

To boost the radiance of your skin, fight against skin aging, imperfections, redness or severe dehydration... serums are the champions of deep treatments, the icing on the cake of your routine! A beginner? We’ll explain when and how to apply this precious ally, and unveil our most popular serums for each beauty concern to finally get you started!

Why is it so important to use a serum?

Many of you have asked us what the real point of a serum is, and above all, what the difference is between a serum and a moisturizer. Serums, unlike day creams, have such a fine texture and such small amounts of active ingredients that they can get right into the heart of the cells to solve all your beauty problems. The moisturizing cream is above all your skin's shield against external aggressions and obviously moisturizes while providing a treatment action (for example anti-aging), but less powerful than a serum. For a "wow" effect, nothing is better than applying a serum every day!

When and how do I apply my serum?

When to use?
Apply morning and night, always under the cream. Note that an evening serum can sometimes be sufficient on its own. It's easy to find out: if your skin feels uncomfortable after a few minutes, it's best to add a treatment oil or night cream. You can use a serum all year round or as a cure, depending on your needs.

How do I do it?
A small amount is all you need. Use fingertips to pat the product into the skin, then gently press hands together in zones to ensure perfect penetration. Needless to say, you'll need to do a thorough make-up removal beforehand ;-)

Our best serums for every concern

  • The champion of hydration: Back to Life Hydration Serum Pai Skincare is low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid (for deep penetration of the epidermis) that comes to the rescue of dehydrated skin. So light, it's perfect for combination and oily skin and is also ideal for dry skin in combination with a soft cream! The hydration of the skin is at its maximum, no more small wrinkles...

  • The softest for sensitive skin: Barrier Defense Booster Dermalogica , without a doubt one of the most soothing at Oh My Cream, which smells of lavender and also tackles dehydration. A must for easily irritated sensitive skin and an instant feeling of comfort thanks to its oily and nourishing texture.

  • The unstoppable on spots:Patyka Anti-Spot Corrector Serum is the ultimate anti-pigmentation serum. It is THE lightening and radiance serum that suits both young and mature skin concerned by spots. As a bonus, the Hyaluronic Acid it contains fills the skin with water and the 5 AHAs attenuate brown spots by exfoliating for a perfect skin effect!

  • The dreaded anti-imperfections: Copaiba & Zinc Anti-Imperfections Serum Pai Skincare Inflamed pimples, subcutaneous or blackheads, it unclogs the pores and relieves inflammation. The Zinc it contains also provides a matifying effect by regulating sebum production. Also adopted by the most anxious of the residual scars and the most reactive skins...

  • Worship Superfruit Antioxidant Antipodes pollution, UV, tobacco ... all factors that accelerate premature aging by triggering an overproduction of free radicals and give a tired look. To keep a beautiful skin and a radiant complexion, we abuse this serum armored in anti-oxidants whatever our skin type thanks to its aqueous texture! The skin remains hydrated and comfortable all day long.

  • The grail of anti-aging: Actifs Concentrés Hervé Herau is the champion of regeneration: it boosts cell renewal to better reduce expression lines, improve skin firmness and plump up while strengthening the skin's defenses! Also rebalancing, it is suitable for mature skin, even mixed to oily skin.

  • The vitamin concentrate firmness & blurred complexion: Biolumin-C Serum Dermalogica. Vitamin C is the champion of radiance when it comes to treating well-established blemishes or to remedy a dull complexion. Also redensifying, it is also adopted for its anti-aging and repairing properties but also protective against free radicals! A must also for skin that has been overexerted by UV rays... 

Of course, our website and our stores are full of other serums made for you... Don't hesitate to take a look at our face serums or to ask us for beauty advice at;-)

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