Oh My Cream Skincare

Repulpant Food Supplement

Repulpant Food Supplement Oh My Cream Skincare

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30 capsules

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Un complément alimentaire qui réduit l'apparence des rides, repulpe et apporte du confort à la peau.
Un complément alimentaire qui réduit l'apparence des rides, repulpe et apporte du confort à la peau.

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Déshydratation, Premières rides, Rides installées

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Oh My Cream Skincare

Repulpant Food Supplement


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The team insight

Une seule gélule par jour (sans goût ni odeur) suffit pour une peau lissée et repulpée.

Usage tips



Prendre 1 gélule par jour avec un grand verre d’eau. Le complément alimentaire peut aussi être ouvert et mélangé à un smoothie ou un yaourt pour faciliter la prise. Un flacon dure 30 jours. Vous constaterez les bienfaits après 1 mois, nous vous conseillons de poursuivre la cure pendant trois mois pour des résultats durables.

Il n’y a pas de contre-indication à utiliser notre complément alimentaire avec une autre cure.

Conservation : Tenir à l’abri de la lumière, de la chaleur et de l’humidité.

Le Complément Alimentaire Repulpant est un complément alimentaire qui réduit l'apparence des rides, repulpe et apporte du confort à la peau. Ses gélules, faciles à avaler (car sans odeur, ni goût) sont végétales et contiennent un cocktail d'ingrédients présents au dosage significatif pour apporter un maximum de résultats visibles.

Les céramides qu’il contient augmentent l’hydratation de la peau et diminuent l’apparence des rides. Formulé à partir d’acide hyaluronique, il améliore également l’élasticité de la peau.

Résultat ? La peau retrouve son confort et son élasticité, les rides diminuent, les cellules sont protégées du stress oxydatif et la production de collagène est favorisée.

Résultats prouvés après tests des actifs :
Augmentation de l'hydratation de la peau : +16% à J+15* / +21% à J+60*
Diminution de l'apparence des rides : -9% à J+15* / -19% à J+60*
Augmentation de l'élasticité de la peau : +18% à J+15* / +26% à J+60*
*Étude clinique réalisée sur 39 personnes pendant 60 jours, résultats obtenus avec 1 prise de 30mg/j de céramides versus un placebo.

Acide hyaluronique
Augmentation de l'élasticité de la peau : +11% après 6 mois d'utilisation**
**Étude clinique réalisée sur 29 personnes pendant 6 mois, résultats obtenus avec 1 prise de 150mg/j d’acide hyaluronique versus un placebo.


Augmentent l’hydratation et diminuent l’apparence des rides

Acide Hyaluronique
Augmente l’élasticité de la peau

Vitamine C
Protège du stress oxydatif et favorise la formation de collagène

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
This 1st plumping food supplement is a great success!

I'm absolutely delighted with this new supplement and its benefits for my skin: after a month, my skin is softer and velvety, the complexion is even, there's no more redness and my wrinkles and dryness lines have diminished considerably! I validate 200% ... And I'm ordering! A big thank you to Oh My Cream for allowing me to preview this product 💜

Frédérique- Laure, facialist and certified facial yoga practitioner (Sylvie Lefranc training) Concern:Sensitivity & Redness

At the top!

This is the 1st time I've taken food supplements and I'm not at all disappointed! My skin feels plumper and more hydrated than usual. I'd do it again soon :D Concern:First Wrinkles




I noticed the first results after about ten days and after almost a month I can see a real difference!
My skin was dehydrated, tired and my complexion dull, but now it's plumped up and luminous!
I'm very happy with this treatment and would recommend it! Concern:Dehydration

Really great!

I don't usually take food supplements, but this one is very easy to take! One capsule a day and it tastes great.
I find that my skin is plumper and I can already feel improvements in hydration. After 15 days, I'm already very satisfied. Concern:Dehydration

Discover Oh My Cream Skincare, the anti-ageing skin care supplement.

Convinced that beauty is a whole and that the secret to beautiful skin lies in a holistic approach and simple everyday gestures, Oh My Cream Skincare is launching its very first dietary supplement for the skin: Complément Alimentaire Repulpant. Formulated from ingredients with proven efficacy on skin hydration, wrinkles, radiance and comfort, this tasteless, odorless dietary supplement helps reduce the first signs of aging, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles for plumped, hydrated and comfortable skin. Find out what our customers had to say about this new holistic skincare product..

Why take a dietary supplement for the skin?

It's all very well to have a healthy lifestyle and even a healthy diet and routine to take care of your skin, but sometimes your body needs a little help to function properly. The dietary supplements provide the body with an additional source of nutrients and offer multiple benefits to resolve our beauty concerns. To improve the condition of our skin, reduce imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles, improve hydration, delay the signs of aging or boost collagen production... Food supplements can be the perfect complement to our beauty routine. Discover our complete guide to finding the right supplement for your skin condition..

A capsule with hyaluronic acid and ceramides for numerous skin benefits

Dull complexion, first wrinkles, lack of comfort... More than ever, many of you are looking for answers to these concerns. The recent successful launch of our Plumping Cream has proved us right: solutions to the first signs of aging are becoming essential..

In a market far less regulated than that of cosmetics, it was important for us to ensure the efficacy of our ingredients. We carefully selected only those with proven efficacy (recognized claims or clinical studies). Formulated with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, Complément Repulpant Oh My Cream Skincare improves skin hydration, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and increases skin elasticity. Enriched with vitamin C, it also helps protect skin from oxidative stress and external aggressors that accelerate cutaneous aging, and promotes collagen formation.

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