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5 good reasons to switch to clean make-up now

À quoi bon avoir une routine de soin impeccable si c’est pour ruiner nos efforts chaque matin ?

1. Because your current foundation doesn't really take really your skin.

Some ingredients are "magic" to obtain a foundation at the top of sensoriality. Except that... Dehydration progressively sets in, as do sensitivities and - oh my! - pimples. In short, this explosive cocktail condemns you to the famous vicious circle of "the less I feel, the more I use".

The "bare skin" effect is yours with Ilia: its second-skin effect instantly evens out, blurring small imperfections and fine lines, while moisturizing the skin. Simply put, the more you apply, the less you need! And if you're looking for more coverage and matte finish, Purepressed Base is just the thing.

  • Active ingredients to avoid: denatured alcohol (alcoohol denat.) in high doses, ultra-processed silicones (end up as -iloxane or -icone), mineral oils (paraffinum liquidum), synthetic fragrances.

Without realising it, you are tasting ingredients you would NEVER eat. 

Everything you put on your lips gets ingested so we are lucky that we only tend to apply very small quantities of lipstick or balm. But where possible, do try to avoid petrochemical derived ingredients and other such delights... 

This new-generation lip gloss with a balm finish brilliantly enhances all lips, adorning them with a veil of color and shine. Glosses are more than ever the make-up trend of the year, so now's the time to get back into it ;-) 

  • The active ingredients that it is better to avoid: hydrocarbons (ozokerite, paraffinum liquidum, microcrystalline wax), cyclopentasiloxane, parabens.

For stronger eyelashes. 

The trouble with some mascaras is that we tend to apply a double dose when we find that our lashes are fragile, or even worse, abandon us on a poor little cotton pad... And that's without mentioning sensitive eyes, for whom the search for the ideal mascara has become a veritable quest.  

This is without doubt THE ultimate clean mascara. The formula is 99% natural and contains arginine to strengthen the lashes as well as beeswax and carnauba for nourishment. Your lashes will be on their finest form.  

  • Active ingredients to avoid: polyvinylpyrrolide, phenylmercury acetate, polyquaternium, BHT, synthetic pigments (CI not followed by 7), kerosene (paraffinum).

4. Because your skin needs to BREATHE

Bases, highlighters and blushers can suffocate the skin over time. Spots and microcysts (little bumps like spots but under the skin) often build up exactly where you apply blusher for exemple. And then there are the make-up bases full of synthetic silicones which make skin dry and sensitive. 

  • The perfect products to get started : Multi Stick Ilia & Living Luminizer RMS BeautyTwo favorite products to revive the radiance in the blink of an eye...

  • Active ingredients to avoid (essentially the same as foundation): denatured alcohol (alcoohol denat.) in high doses, ultra-processed silicones (end up as -iloxane or -icone), mineral oils (paraffinum liquidum), synthetic fragrances.

Because clean versions of long-lasting and deeply pigmented powder do exist. 

The main problem with “classic” eye shadows or pencils is the presence of large quantities of synthetic pigments. Artificial colours are hugely irritating and can be an issue for sensitive eyes. But the good news is that clean powders are starting to appear on the market and the colours are amazing and they last just as long as their less clean predecessors. 

The perfect product for clean make-up beginners: Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint by Ilia The make-up love affair of the year: amazing colours and super easy to apply. You can just use your fingertip.  

  • Active ingredients to avoid: BHT (preservative), artificial pigments (to be detected if after the CI mention they are not followed by the number 7), polybutene (synthetic oil).

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