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Aliénor's 3 easy makeup tutorials

A natural concealer, a cult mascara and an eye shadow that makes your eyes sparkle... In just a few minutes, beauty influencer (and creator of the Orosae clothing brand) proves that with the right products and the right gestures, you can create a natural and luminous makeup look, quite simply. 

Unify your complexion

To camouflage a redness, a pimple or dark circles, it is by targeting in a precise way that one obtains the most natural result. By using a small brush and a small amount of material, you can target the imperfection effectively, then blend by tapping with your finger. The warmth of the skin allows the product to melt perfectly.

The must-have to use: A RMS Beauty Cover Up


Make a very light daytime smoky

1. Apply the first shade (choose a beige or medium pink) directly to the entire eyelid, then blend with a brush, working well into the crease. You can also apply it to the lower lash line, working with a brush.   

2. The lighter shade is added to the corner of the inner eye and the brow bone.

3. On the upper and lower lash line, we add the darkest shade, which we work with the brush and stretch towards the outer corner of the eye to create a smoky effect and give depth to the eyes.

Must-have to use: Liquid Powder Chromatic Eye Tint Ilia (the shades in the video in order: Mythic, Glaze and Umber)


Extend your lashes with mascara

For a look of doe, one applies its mascara by insisting on the lashes of the external corner of the eye. One also insists on the root of the lashes with a movement of back and forth to bring volume, and one stretches the matter towards the points for still more length. 

The must-have to use: Fullest Volume Mascara Ilia


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