5 night time treatments that have everything going for them

Your skin's priority during the day? Protecting itself! And while you're sleeping, regenerating. So it's the perfect time to opt for super-concentrated formulas that target your concerns. Wrinkles, spots, redness, pimples? Whatever your problem, these products have the solution!

The "kick-start" treatment for thirty-somethings 

With its enveloping texture and its repairing and smoothing active ingredients, our Revitalizing Night Balm Oh My Cream Skincare takes advantage of the night to to smooth the features and offer a luminous and plumped skin and plumped up skin when you wake up. A must for the first wrinkles and dull complexions, to be used from 25-30 years old.

The favourite jar for sensitive and unbalanced skin 

When the skin sees red, you can quickly become helpless and not know what to do. Loaded with good bacteria, the Culture Repairing Night Cream with Probiotics Antipodes is a real anti-inflammatory, rebalancing and moisturizing concentrate. It reduces redness and is also ideal in case of imperfections or strong dehydration, to finally find soothing and comfort.

Complete anti-ageing cream with vitamin C 

Ideal care for mature skin, the Night Cream Vitamin C + Ashwagandha Odacité targets the signs of aging from every angle, from wrinkles to loss of firmness and dark spots. All this in a 100% natural formula and a unique sensoriality, thanks to its melting texture and its acupressure tool "magic wand" provided.

Anti-blemish charcoal night oil 

Let's go for the big clean! Imperfections, dilated pores, shine... Combination to oily skin finds its clarity over the course of the day with the Carbon Star Detoxifying Oil Pai Skincare, which rebalances and purifies overnight. Despite its black colour , don't panic, once applied it becomes imperceptible ;-)

The anti-brown spot night cream   

One of the most complicated beauty concerns to treat? Brown spots! Nothing beats a targeted treatment to regulate melanin production. A true reference for years, the Pure Night Dermalogica combines lightening and protective active ingredients to prevent and attenuate to prevent and attenuate blemishes and regain a more even complexion.

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