We tested it for you... Aculifting, acupuncture with anti-aging benefits

What if needles were the well-aging secret to radiant skin? A real alternative to injections, Aculifting is an acupuncture treatment with anti-aging benefits that leaves skin radiant and revitalized. Let's take a look at the method developed by Céline Claret-Coquet.

What is the Aculifting acupuncture method? 

A trained acupuncturist with a passion for alternative medicine, Céline Claret-Coquet devisedAculifting in 2007 to offer a facial acupuncture method with anti-aging benefits. This painless, natural lifting treatment targets skin sagging, the main cause of skin ageing, as well as hydration, radiance and skin texture. The technique involves rapidly implanting fine needles on key points of the face to boost circulation and tone facial muscles. As Céline explains, " it's all about the speed with which the needles are implanted, which provokes a simultaneous contraction of the skin muscles, essential to the effectiveness of the treatment". 

What are the benefits of facial acupuncture? 

Completely pain-free, this treatment is a real alternative to injections, offering long-lasting results as a preventive measure from the age of 25 or as soon as the first signs of skin aging appear, or as a curative measure on more pronounced features. Results are visible over the course of several sessions, but the radiance of the skin and the "healthy glow" effect are visible almost immediately after the session. But what are the other effects on the complexion?

  • It activates blood circulation for a better complexion 

  • It improves the firmness of the face by simulating the muscles.

  • Delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates collagen synthesis

  • Slows skin slackening 

How does an Aculifting session work?

The treatment begins with a short interview to determine lifestyle habits and overall physical and emotional state of health... Then Céline performs an energy assessment to understand the body's overall state and target any imbalances at the root of skin imbalances (hormonal imbalances, fatigue, digestion, etc.).

Céline begins by positioning the needles on the body at points determined by her assessment. On the face, as you exhale, the needles are implanted on the forehead, chin, cheeks and lip contour. A few tingles may be felt around the nose, where the blood vessels are most sensitive, but nothing too painful. This is followed by 20 minutes of total relaxation, with the body loosening up and the mind calming down.

To boost the effectiveness of the treatment and the healing of the skin, Céline can add an LED mask. 

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Our opinion on Aculifting by Céline Claret-Coquet

"The most amazing thing about this treatment is without doubt the lasting radiance of the skin. I've never received so many compliments on my complexion despite a few short nights. The skin seems to regenerate more quickly too, a few residual marks faded quickly after their arrival and my pimples didn't stay for long. Another point worth mentioning is the benefits of this treatment on overall well-being, both physically and mentally. Above all, I was impressed by Céline Claret-Coquet's talents: she can detect fatigue, raw emotions or PMS syndromes without you having to ask her, and she knows perfectly well how to address each point with her needles. A true magician!" - Elsa, Editorial Content Manager


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Contraindications, frequencies and rates

Aculifting has no contraindications or side effects, no injections, no surgery or anesthesia, and is painless.

Expect to pay €120 for a 30-minute session.

As for frequency, Céline Claret-Coquet recommends one session every 3 months for 25-30 year-olds, 5 sessions every 15 days for 30-50 year-olds, followed by monthly maintenance, and 10 sessions every 15 days, followed by monthly maintenance. 

Céline Claret-Coquet,
32 rue Pastourelle Paris 75003

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