Tips for a happy body from our naturopath Aurélie Canzoneri

You have probably heard of her since she often appears on our Instagram account :) We are talking to her today to give you some simple and accessible tips to feel good in your body.


Eliminate refined products and prepared meals as much as possible you will only absorb empty calories, without any nutritional effect. Also avoid dishes that are too fatty and too salty, but also sugar and stimulants (such as coffee): we consume them to give ourselves a boost, but it is only a decoy... Indeed, the pancreas will secrete insulin to lower the blood sugar level, which will put you in reactionary hypoglycemia... and encourage you to take a second cup to compensate.

The right nutrients every day

Make sure you get the right nutrients every day: proteins (vegetable or animal), fats (2 tablespoons of oil rich in omega 3, like flaxseed oil), good carbohydrates but especially vegetables in all their forms juices, raw vegetables, steamed, mixed, etc.

But also and above all... treat yourself

I say it very often and I apply it personally, I am not for restriction and frustration: they only postpone the moment when you will return to your old habits. Take your time and integrate new "good" habits little by little... Changing your eating habits doesn't take a few weeks but about 2 yearsSo be indulgent with yourself, don't feel guilty about cracking up from time to time, it's perfectly normal.

Breathing and relaxation

5 minutes of cardiac coherence to start your day or to help you fall asleep at night can change everything. It will get stress and anxiety out of your head and help you relax!

As you know, drink lots of water 

Water hydrates and allows you to eliminate the toxins accumulated in your body. I recommend drinking 1l to 1.5l of spring water per day, in a regular way throughout the day so as not to weaken your kidneys which will have to make an extra effort to filter everything if you drink too much at once.

Surround yourself with positive people 

Because positive attracts positive... 

Sleep well 

Sleep regulates our appetiteSleep regulates our appetite, strengthens our defenses, regenerates our cells, makes us more or less permeable to stress... The more (and better) you sleep, the better you will feel in your body. Discover also my advices to sleep well just here ;-)

Take care of yourself 

Take time for yourself, to feel good, with massages, treatments, beauty rituals... These are the small daily gestures that make us feel good in our body and in our head, do not underestimate them.


You don't have to hire a trainer or join a gym at first... An active walk of 30 minutes a day is enough to stay in shape. What is important is regularity, not intensity!

The 80/20 rule

During the week, eat as balanced as possible, try to go to bed early, do some breathing exercises, and on weekends and vacations, change your rhythm and treat yourself... You'll be all the more happy to get back to a healthy routine that does your body good on Monday morning ;-)

And to treat yourself, discover the 5 easy and healthy recipes of Aurélie !

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