Jessicas's favourite CBD serum

CBD is really the star ingredient right now !

"Today I wanted to talk to you about the CBD Super Serum Aurelia Probiotic. Aurelia is one of our British brands and is widely recognized for its probiotic-based products. Aurelia is a pioneer in the field of probiotics and has decided to add a new product based on CBD, a component of hemp, to its assortment. CBD is the hot ingredient of the moment! It should not be confused with THC, which is the molecule with the soaring effect and which is also found in cannabis. CBD will have a direct effect on the skin, reducing redness and improving hydration. Coupled with hyaluronic acid, it boosts the natural production of collagen! It's a bit of a moisturizing serum 2.0... I use it morning and night under my usual skin care products. A real favorite!"

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