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Eye Recipe, the alternative to eyelid surgery

Skin Office Paris was born out of a desire to bring together France's leading experts and aesthetic surgeons to develop targeted solutions with visible, clinically proven results for the most complex problems. Spotlight on Eye Recipethe brand's first skincare product, with an immediate tightening effect that blew the whole team away!

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The futuristic treatment inspired by aesthetic medicine

After more than 20 years working with major cosmetics brands, Meggi Partouche-Junier wanted to offer beauty consumers ethical, environmentally-friendly products specifically designed to improve the most fragile area of the face: the eyes. For 3 years, she collaborated with France's leading experts and aesthetic surgeons to find the perfect combination of natural active ingredients. After 101 formulas,Skin Office Paris unveiled Eye Recipethe alternative to eyelid surgery.

If for Meggi, it was important to collaborate with aesthetic surgeons to imagine this treatment it's because in recent years, the number of aesthetic medicine operations has greatly evolved. Industry revenues have been growing at an annual rate of 9%* since 2013. For Skin Office Paris , these surgical procedures can be avoided if you have the right innovative skincare products, combining clinically proven efficacy with a powerful yet natural formula that has been scientifically validated to avoid allergy risks...

Its benefits for the eyes

It is because our eyes are the window to our emotions and the first area to show signs of aging, and require meticulous attention, that Skin Office Paris has been created. Skin Office Paris specializes in eye care. When Meggi began working on the formula, the pandemic was in full swing. It's 2020, our faces are hidden behind masks, and our eyes are the only witnesses to our moods, emotions and lives. In designing Eye Recipethe idea was to offer an effective, natural alternative to intrusive cosmetic procedures, in particular eyelid surgery , which remains the most frequently performed surgical procedure on the face worldwide**.

This truly impressive treatment, formulated with four targeted ingredients, had no trouble pleasing the team's eyes, thanks to its action on wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness, and above all its immediate tensing effect on the upper eyelid. What's more, its NOA System® technology boosts the efficacy of active ingredients by up to 1.5 times more than a conventional emulsion.

Clinically proven results

It is a powerful treatment to restore radiance to the eye area, firm the skin and smooth the eye contour, with clinically proven benefits*** : 

  • 92% saw an immediate tightening effect

  • 90% noticed a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

  • 82% saw an enhancement of the upper eyelids

  • 84% saw a reduction in the appearance of puffiness

  • 92% noticed a reduction in the appearance of dark circles

  • 94% noticed brighter eyes

Ask Marion: why is this the product to have in your anti-ageing routine?

What makes this treatment revolutionary? 

This is a truly unprecedented skin care product on the market, thanks in particular to its instant action with an immediate lifting effect that lasts all day. But it also delivers long-term benefits, thanks to its formula rich in highly-dosed active ingredients that can be assimilated by the skin, and its NOA System® technology. 


Suitable for the most sensitive eyes? 

Yes, thanks to its 98.98% natural formula, it's perfect for even the most sensitive and fragile eyes. 


Do the effects last? 

Yes, because Eye Recipe really does treat the causes of skin ageing. In fact, its active peptide complex promotes collagen production and targets the very origin of muscle contractions responsible for expression lines and wrinkles. What's more, its brown algae complex combats the signs of skin ageing by acting to preserve the integrity of blood micro-capillaries, reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. 


How do I use the microcirculation tool included with the treatment? 

It's ideal to place the tool in the fridge before use. Start by applying a dose of the product to the eye contour area, then smooth with strokes from the inner to the outer corner and lightly tap. Then, using the massage tool, massage the eye contour and upper eyelid, rolling it over the skin from the inner to the outer corner, without pressing too hard. 

She tested it

"I needed to refresh my skin, especially around the eyes. I've been using this SkinOffice product for some time now, and it's absolutely fabulous for several reasons, not least the immediate tightening effect. I feel that my eye is more open, I feel less weight on my eyelid and I look better. I find it very pleasant in terms of its fluid texture, and applying make-up afterwards is easy."

- Françoise, 62 years old

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* Source: IMCAS.

** Source: ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery).

** Fifty volunteers who took part in a 28-day study


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