Finding the right night cream

A night and a day cream are, well, like night and day ;) Why deny yourself the specific benefits of a really good night cream? Since there is no particular age to start, you might as well start now! Allow us to explain the benefits and help you to choose the cream for you.

3 things that you probably want to know
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Does using a night cream really change something?

Yes, because the skin's needs are different during the day and at night: it's at night that our skin reaches its peak of regeneration, when the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen intensifies, cells multiply and toxins are evacuated. Yes, because during the day, the skin is in "defense" mode, as it is subjected to external aggressions (UV rays, cold, pollution, dust, etc.). It therefore takes advantage of the night to eliminate toxins accumulated during the day and regenerate itself. Skin is also much more receptive to treatments. All the more reason to give it a helping hand with more advanced formulas. 

When should I start?

There is no age to start. You can turn to a night cream to treat your imperfections or calm your sensitive skin, for example. In terms of anti-aging, 25 is an "ideal" age, because it is at this time (on average) that collagen and elastin production begins to decline.

Can I use my night cream in the day?

It's better than nothing, but it's a shame. Once again, the skin's needs are not the same during the day as at night, so a daytime formula will not be as optimal as a nighttime formula. In fact, the role of a day cream is above all to protect the skin from external aggressions and to maintain moisture in the cutaneous tissues. Its role is therefore that of a shield. What's more, day creams are often formulated to leave no oily film on the skin, preparing it for make-up. Finally, if it contains sun protection, its use is forgotten. Conversely, the role of a night cream is to act deep down to promote skin regeneration at the moment when it is most receptive to active ingredients.

I need a night cream to help…

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Brighten a dull complexion and soften my first lines

So clearly, our Revitalizing Night Balm is for you. Extracts of silk tree to smooth the skin, and vitamin C for a luminous complexion in the morning. A relaxing formula ideal for thirty-somethings, with the added bonus of a super comfortable texture for plumped-up skin!

Balance my blemish-prone skin

Enriched with probiotics, those famous "good bacteria", the Culture Repairing Night Cream Antipodes rebalances the skin's flora to better prevent imperfections while soothing inflamed skin. We love its super moisturizing gel texture, perfect for normal, combination to oily skin.

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Nourish my dry, mature skin

A real down jacket for dry skin, the Super Rich Repair Dermalogica relieves chronic discomfort while acting on wrinkles and loss of firmness, thanks to its extracts of arginine and peptides. With its texture balsam, it nourishes in-depth and offers a true shield for all the day.

Correct my dark spots

Thanks to its intelligent complex of encapsulated algae, the Anti-Brown Spot Night Cream Ren Skincare targets pigmentation spots in a targeted way. Acid-free, it is gentle enough even for sensitive skin and also treats the first signs of aging.

Treat signs of age on sensitive skin

This one is the real "classic" night cream: the Revitalise Night Moisturiser Crème de Nuit Revitalisante Aurelia London treats wrinkles, loss of firmness and deeply nourishes, while its probiotics soothe sensitive skin. Totally addictive with its whipped texture and natural scent of neroli and lavender!

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