Les Huilettes

Les Huilettes

Les Huilettes

Les Huilettes

Retrouvez dans chaque flacon vert bouteille Les Huilettes, les pouvoirs nourrissants, régénérants et protecteurs des huiles essentielles et végétales les plus pures…  Grâce à une production en petite série en France, la marque profondément engagée pour le bio et le circuit court offre des formules 100% actives et d'une sensorialité dans les textures et parfums, exceptionnelle. En savoir plus

Why we like it :

  • Its cosmetic and aromatherapeutic properties
  • Made in France
  • Its organic & vegan certifications
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The history of the Les Huilettes brand

Launched in early 2017, The OilersLes Huilettes, is the alliance of Pascale's convictions - Doctor of Pharmacy and aromatherapist - in search of efficiency and quality, and Claire's entrepreneurial and commercial dynamics, the two founders. By creating Les Huilettes, the two women wish to put the real, the commitment and the senses at the heart of beauty, in order to bring a new approach to cosmetics. The brand offers unique and 100% active organic formulas, made from high quality ingredients selected for their effectiveness and sensoriality.

The benefits of oil on our skin

It is in nature that the exceptional ingredients are selected, ingredients of high quality and high traceability. They are therefore naturally effective.

All Les Huilettes products are organic (double certification: Cosmebio and Cosmos Organic - European label), Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

They contain:

 - Pure essential oils of controlled origin.

 - Cold-pressed virgin oils, without refining or processing: this preserves their properties. 

The formulas combine daily anti-aging care with the olfactory power of well-being.

Composition of My Sensitive Oiltte, The Oilttes and its benefits :

  • Sea buckthorn oil is rich in omega 7 and beta carotene, it activates the skin repair process

  • Sunflower and olive oils are rich in omegas 6 and 9, strengthen the skin barrier and optimize regeneration

  • Camelina oil is anti-inflammatory and soothing

Composition of Mon Huilette Night, The Oilttes and its benefits :

  • Argan, jojoba and avocado oils strengthen the skin barrier and nourish

  • Prickly pear seed oil is antioxidant and improves the radiance of the complexion

  • The essential oils of immortelle flowers and rose geranium provide a smoothing effect and perfume the formula

  • Essential oils of petit grain and ylang ylang promote sleep

For which types of skin are the Oilttes intended?

The Oilttes are made to suit all skins: they are thus intended for all those who seek a simpler beauty routine, and are in search of certified organic, vegan and 100% natural care. 

For all skin types who are looking for a targeted skin care product with the Eye Contour Oils: My Eyes Oiltte treats the first signs of aging, facilitates drainage to limit puffiness and dark circles, and eliminates all signs of fatigue.

For all skin types looking for a targeted scrub: my oiltte Scrub offers a very effective exfoliation that leaves a soft and protective film on the skin. Ideal for the body, it can also be used for the face! 

To all skin types looking for a targeted body care product: my Body Oiltte is very rich, and perfect for the driest skin. This oil drains and firms the tissues.

For more mature skin, the range offers mon huilette Night or mon huilette Cleanse, a rich cleansing oil for the face and eyes based on plant oils, to gently remove makeup from normal to dry skin.

For younger skin, you can turn to my Day oiltte, a morning care oil that intensely nourishes, protecting against external aggressions while preventing the first signs of aging... and my Cleanse oiltte works just as well! 

For men, we recommend using my Day oiler or my Rescue oiler, an SOS balm with spicy and gourmand accords of sweet orange and cardamom, which instantly comforts all areas of the body, even the driest and most irritated.