Si chaque savon est appelé "Proposition", c'est parce que chaque écrin dévoile un univers sensoriel particulier : des accords de parfums surprenants, des ingrédients soigneusement choisis et un design savamment travaillé. Ou comment faire de la douche un instant de poésie ! Cerise sur le gâteau, tous les savons Dessein sont 100% naturels, fabriqués en France et emballés dans un carton recyclé et recyclable.  En savoir plus...

Why we like it :

  • Its 100% natural compositions
  • Its local and handmade production
  • Its zero-waste commitment
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An overview of the Dessein brand

Dessein is a French brand of natural solid soaps created in 2019 by Valentin and Ambroise, two young entrepreneurs with a heart for enhancing French craftsmanship, by infusing it with a creative and poetic dimension. Dessein was born from the crazy bet that its creators took: revisit this ancestral know-how of soap making, adding this new creative facet and an unusual sensory universe. Moreover, no compromise is made between quality, aesthetics and ecology, to create these everyday care products, with a poetic note and addictive natural fragrances.

For Ambroise and Valentin, the efficiency and naturalness of the product are as important as its aesthetics. That's why Dessein natural soaps are real abstract works of art. Each soap is called a "Proposal", because it proposes a sensorial and unisex universe through the agreements of perfumes, colors and ingredients present.

 The composition of Dessein natural soaps

Dessein solid soaps are formulated from noble natural ingredients carefully chosen for their benefits to the skin and their low impact on the environment. Each product is made "cold" according to a traditional method, allowing to preserve the purifying and moisturizing virtues that your skin will benefit from through each ingredient.

Dessein soaps are produced in a completely ecological way from organic ingredients. The founders of Dessein go even further in their responsible approach because for the packaging of the products and for their shipping, they use renewable materials made locally from virgin plant fibers.

Their common action is to clean by creating an extremely soft creamy lather, while soothing and moisturizing the skin of the body or face.

For which skin types are Dessein soaps intended? 

For all skin types: choose the Clary Sage & Coconut Charcoal Soap Design ultra-gentle soap with detox action, which eliminates impurities and pollutants while adorning the skin with a delicate oriental fragrance, refreshed by the scent of niaouli or the ultra-refreshing Cedar & Cocoa Butter Soap Design ultra-refreshing soap with the camphorated and woody scent of Atlas cedar associated with rosemary for a dynamic shower!

For fragile skin: we recommend Geranium & Pink Clay Soap, Design an ultra-gentle and soothing soap bar that cleanses the most fragile skin, while adorning the skin with a fresh and delicate fragrance like a generous bouquet of roses.

For dry and uncomfortable skins: fall for the Sesame Ylang Ylang & Petit Grain Soap, Design which nourishes as soon as it is cleaned, in order to rebalance the skin's protective barrier.