Découvrez nos 3 gestes essentiels et nos soins complémentaires pour parfaire votre routine beauté. Des soins cleans et des pépites qui font la part belle aux actifs, pour une peau saine. En quête de votre routine idéale ? Faites notre quiz pour trouver vos essentiels clean.

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Our 2024 selection of the best clean solar products

To protect your skin and reveal a flawless tan, discover our selection of the best clean sunscreens to adopt all summer (and all year round).

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Maison Michel x Oh My Cream Summer Kit

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Our number one tip for beautiful and healthy skin? Face cleansing!

No face cream, lotion or serum can fully work if the face cleansing step is not adapted or neglected. Yes, it is necessary to clean your skin well to discover a healthy and luminous skin day after day. However, properly cleansing the skin of your face does not mean stripping it: by using a facial makeup remover and a facial scrub that are too abrasive on a daily basis, you run the risk of sensitizing and/or dehydrating your skin by altering the cutaneous barrier. To clean your face properly, a few simple and quick gestures are actually quite sufficient. Finally, it is essential to use products that are adapted to your skin type. At Oh My Cream, our mission is to select for you the best facial care products so that you can take care of your skin and obtain visible results. 

Which face makeup remover do we prefer at Oh My Cream?

The first step to optimal facial cleansing is to remove makeup. It is very important to use a makeup remover every night, even if you don't wear makeup. Indeed, during the day all sorts of impurities are deposited on your face and these are not necessarily all visible to the naked eye: pollution, perspiration, excess sebum, sunscreen residues, etc. Therefore, all skin types need to be thoroughly cleansed. At Oh My Cream, we prefer make-up removal oils and balmsOur products have an oily base that allows them to remove all impurities, without ever attacking the skin. 

What is our favorite face cleaning method?

If you've never heard of the double cleansing method, it's time to change that :-) It's a way to cleanse your face in two steps: first by using an oil or a makeup remover balm, and then by using a facial cleanser to complete the cleansing. At Oh My Cream we swear by this method! The reason? It's the gentlest and most complete method, no matter what your skin type. Not sure which facial cleanser to choose? Come and consult our guide to choosing the right facial cleanser for your needs

How to use a face scrub?

For an effective and complete facial cleansing routine, it is very important to exfoliate your face with a facial scrub once or twice a week, depending on your skin type and sensitivity. At Oh My Cream, we prefer non-grainy face scrubs, which are less abrasive than grainy face scrubs, and we offer you a selection of enzymatic and chemical facial scrubs. These scrubs nibble away at the small dead skin cells on the surface of your epidermis and at the same time boost cell renewal. You'll find your skin soft, clear and more uniform!