It's Lit LED Gua Sha Facial Massager

It's Lit LED Gua Sha Facial Massager Solaris

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Un gua sha nouvelle génération combinant vibrations, chaleur et LED pour une peau repulpée, lumineuse et relaxée.
Un gua sha nouvelle génération combinant vibrations, chaleur et LED pour une peau repulpée, lumineuse et relaxée.

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Skin type

Tout type de peau. Parfait pour les premières rides et les peaux plus matures et/ou sujettes aux rougeurs.

Skin Concerns

Sensibilités et Rougeurs, Rides installées, Perte de fermeté

It's Lit LED Gua Sha Facial Massager


It's Lit LED Gua Sha Facial Massager


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The team insight

La méthode ancestrale du gua sha réinventée par Solaris ! Il déstresse et raffermit sans effort. L'astuce de l'équipe ? Après une longue journée, activez le mode chaleur et massez aussi la nuque :)


Usage tips


Ce Gua Sha Massant combine 3 technologies pour une action anti-âge et éclat redoutable. Sa lumière LED rouge réduit rides et ridules, sculptant les pommettes et le contour du visage pour une peau plus ferme. Grâce à ses vibrations limitant les contractions musculaires et favorisant la microcirculation, l'apparence des rides est réduite en quelques minutes et la réduction significative des reliefs cutanés est visible après 4 à 6 semaines d'utilisation. Enfin, sa chaleur (45°c), libère la peau des toxines responsables du vieillissement prématuré et du teint terne, tout en réduisant les rougeurs. Le teint retrouve sa fraîcheur et toute sa luminosité, la peau est oxygénée et liftée. 

Après avoir appliqué votre sérum ou votre huile, utilisez le gua sha en le faisant glisser sur le visage, dans le sens indiqué par les instructions de la notice. Le massage peut-être effectué pendant 5 à 10 minutes, 3 à 5 jours par semaine. Chaque mode peut s'utiliser séparément ou combiné.


Lumière LED rouge
Améliore la fermeté et stimule la production de collagène

Favorisent la microcirculation et détendent les contractions musculaires

Elimine les toxines et apaise

See the INCI list

Complete list of ingredients

Gua sha, usb cable and manual provided, all in a cardboard box. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
I am very pleased with my purchase

Easy to use and results are visible after each use

Magu F.
Very pleasant to use

Easy and pleasant to use. A little moment to yourself...

Solange D.
Not convinced

I probably haven't used the device long enough (I've used it about ten times since January 9th), but I'm a bit skeptical about the result: the heating function, which is supposed to remove redness, has the opposite effect on me. So I only use the led and vibrating function, which for the moment do not seem to give any particular result. I will persist with a little more regularity to make a definitive opinion

Sylvie D.
Gua Sha Faci LED Bed

The device is very pleasant to use and leaves the skin taut Concern:Installed wrinkles

isabelle d.L.N.
Operation indication pad

Good BUT not practical because no explanation.I had to struggle for a long time. Concerning:Dehydration

The benefits of the Gua Sha Solaris massage and its LED lights

The Solaris Massaging Gua Sha combines 3 technologies for a global anti-aging and radiance action. Heated, vibrating and equipped with a red LED light, it reduces wrinkles and fine lines, sculpts the cheekbones and facial contour for firmer skin. This high-tech gua sha also limits muscle contractions and promotes microcirculation. Its 45°c heat frees the skin from toxins responsible for premature aging and dullness and also reduces redness. A massaging gua sha for the face with a smoothing action for those who are afraid of not adopting the right gestures on their face. The complexion regains its freshness and luminosity, the skin is oxygenated and lifted. Find all our selection of gua sha body and face right here.

Why should you use a gua sha face?

The gua sha is an ancestral accessory, particularly used in Chinese medicine, and one of the undisputed references in terms of beauty tools. Known for its smoothing and firming properties on the oval of the face, it helps the skin regain its beautiful "glow". But why integrate a gua sha into your facial routine? Although it was originally designed to relieve pain, the gua sha for the face stimulates blood circulation and acupressure points. It also activates collagen production and eliminates toxins. Daily and long-lasting use will reduce wrinkles and fine lines, fight acne, sculpt the face and allow your beauty routine to better penetrate the skin.

How to use a gua sha face?

A gua sha is always used with a treatment oil or an oily serum. It can be used in the classic or high-tech version, the massage technique is the same. Start at the top of your neck and work your way down to the bottom of your ears, gliding the gua sha over your face while maintaining very light pressure. Then from the middle of your chin, move up to your earlobes. Then place your gua sha just above your lips and slide it up to the lobes, and perform the same movement from the nostrils to the middle of the ears. Gently massage under your eyes in the area of dark circles and bags. Then move along the top of your eyebrows, starting in the middle. To massage your forehead, start from the top of your nose to the top of your skull and slide the gua sha along the sides to your temples. Finally, slide the stone all around your face from the neck to the top of the forehead. It is recommended to repeat each step 3 to 5 times and perform this massage 2 to 3 times a week