How we select our beauty tools

Taking expert advice one step further

Since the beginning, our vocation has always been the same: to bring our beauty expertise to everyone by advising you on the best possible skincare routine, just for you. And whether you've ever walked through the door of one of our boutiques or surfed our eshop, you've probably noticed: we never stop at simple product advice. And why is that? Because we believe that beauty and well-being are closely linked.

The power of massage, the effectiveness of LEDs or ultrasound to treat many problems, are all techniques whose benefits on the skin (and sometimes even the mind!) have been proven. And because many of us in the team already use a gua sha as a complement to our skin care oil, or have seen how investing in a silk pillowcase can change skin and hair, we thought it was high time to share with you our favourite accessories. It's now done!

How we select our beauty accessories

In exactly the same way we select our skincare products. 

Efficacy first 

As with all our other products, our fight remains against "bullshit beauty".bullshit beauty. And when it comes to holistic products, that's a real challenge! To select new accessory brands, we surrounded ourselves with a committee of experts and moved heaven and earth to find new gems beauty products with proven effectiveness. The Solaris beauty tools, for example, the quintessence of high-tech beauty, have all been studied to guarantee clinically proven results. As for more "holistic" brands such as Sentara and Cosmic Dealer, we have drawn on the principles of ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, which have been recognized for thousands of years. And while some accessories have an added spiritual dimension (such as our stone gua sha, which will also be appreciated by lithotherapy enthusiasts), it's up to you to believe it or not :)

Quality and sustainability

For us, you can't have one without the other. A quality beauty tool is an accessory designed to last. A pretty Vénus & Gaia silk scrunchie, for example, is an accessory that will accompany you for years without getting damaged. But it's also a scrunchie produced in small quantities in a closed-circuit farming cooperative, under ethical and health-friendly conditions. Just like the Cosmic Dealer brand whose incense is produced in Nepal, or the attention paid to resources with Ruhi brushes whose wood is FSC-certified... Recently, we also fell in love with La Bonne Brosse, whose entire range is handmade in France using noble materials... To find out more about our brands' commitments, take a look at this article!

 Love at first sight 

Because before working for Oh My Cream, we are first and foremost customers... and beauty enthusiasts! So, if a brand catches our eye and its products are flying off the shelves at the office, chances are you'll find them on our shelves one day. And we hope you'll enjoy adding them to yours :) 

Why it’s time to give your routine a boost
  • Because you will increase the effectiveness of all your treatments.
  • Because it is the ultimate secret to fight against a targeted problem (such as cellulite (such as cellulite or pigmentation spots for example).
  • Because it is theideal alternative to a cabin treatment routine.
  • And because we all need a little break to unwind !
High-tech or slow beauty? 

Stones, brushes and slow rituals 

Whether or not you believe in the power of stones and their different energies, it's a fact that stone massage accessories are invaluable allies in treating wrinkles, loss of ovality, dark circles and puffiness, as well as cellulite and loss of firmness. Their secret? Their action on lymph and circulation circulation. On accelerate cell renewal (hello, collagen production and the plumped-up effect!), and we reduce stress which tends to cause facial muscles to contract. Discover Ayurvedic-inspired rituals such as tongue scraping, which completes the body's natural elimination of toxins during the night... Or dry brushing, which, by stimulating lymphatic and blood flow, prevents tissue sagging and provides an incredibly relaxing sensation!

Brands you will love: Sentara, Ruhi, Cosmic Dealer, Venus & Gaia 

High-tech accessories 

These are beauty tools that use cutting-edge technology. LEDs, for example, used to be the preserve of dermatologists' offices, but their benefits can now be enjoyed at home (although, for safety reasons, they are a little less powerful). With ultrasound, all these practices are now accessible, and we recommend them in particular to those wishing to treat signs of ageing, but also pigmentation spots and marked imperfections. 

The brand you will love: Solaris

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